Diner Dash

Tuesday Shorts – Zynga targets China, Dwarf Fortress class, iPad magic, more

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9 years ago

Diner Dash headlines

  • Diner Dash pops up on Facebook

    It stalks you. It calls to you. It burns in you as a hunger. And now it’s on Facebook, too, so you’ll never, ever escape the siren lure of Diner Dash.

    9 years ago
  • Tropico 3 demo now on Live; Diner Dash & Gyromancer added to Arcade

    Xbox Live has a demo up of Tropico 3 and it is available in all regions for Goldens, El Presidente.Go try it out and rule your realm with an iron fist.Also available on Arcade as of today is Diner Dash where you must Help Flo turn her greasy spoon into a five-star restaurant – just […]

    11 years ago