Molyneux says new Lionhead project was inspired by a game image

Peter Molyneux has revealed that Lionhead’s current project was inspired by an image from another developer’s videogame.Speaking with Gamasutra, Molyneux described how previous projects and experiments have contributed to the game currently in the works. Most interesting, though, was him admitting the main inspiration came from another game.“A long time ago, I was talking about […]

11 years ago

Dimitri headlines

  • Molyneux may show "politically contentious" game at GDC 09

    According to this Kikizo report, Peter Molyneux said in London last night that he may show his next game at GDC next year.From the piece:However, he said that Microsoft was cautious about showing it so soon: “Everyone at Microsoft who’s seen it is super excited about it – I mean there’s just this huge anticipation […]

    12 years ago
  • New Molyneux game "will be on the front cover of Nature", Dimitri is "experimental thing"

    Speaking here, Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux has said that whilst experimenting with Dimitri’s AI – a project that now sounds unlikely to ever be released – his team made a discovery that will see a brand new game, already six months in the making, ending up on the cover of Nature and Science.“Since Black & […]

    12 years ago