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GamesCom: Videos for Digital Reader and PSP Minis

Sony has released videos for both the Digital Reader and PSP minis.We have both posted after the break courtesy of Joystiq.For now, the Digital Reader is for comics only, but who knows what the future holds. Digital copies of Wuthering Heights, The Doppelganger or Atonement may not be just a pipe dream folks. We’ll have […]

11 years ago

Digital Reader headlines

  • Sony's GC Press Event: Digital Reader announced for PSP

    The PS3 Slim may have stolen the show, sold it, and used the resulting cash to buy an offshore island and a small armada, but the PSP was there too! Honest!Soon, Sony announced, its diminuitive marvel will be able to read books. The service is set to launch with “hundreds” of digital comics, including a […]

    11 years ago