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UK games must pass “British” test for tax breaks

Yesterday’s Digital Britain report has proposed that UK games must pass a “culturally British” test to qualify for tax relief.A similar system is currently employed in the UK film industry, where projects rack up “British” points depending on content.There’s no detail yet as to how a game’s “Britishness” is going to be graded as yet.We’re […]

11 years ago

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  • BBFC says it can do a better job than PEGI on game ratings

    British Board of Film Classification director David Cooke says that the regulating body could do a better job than PEGI.His comment stems from the announcement that PEGI is now the sole games ratings board for UK.“The BBFC has always supported PEGI and wished it well, but it continues to believe that it satisfies these requirements […]

    11 years ago