Borderlands 2 weapons differentiated, more

Some new details have emerged out of the Game Informer cover story of Borderlands 2.

9 years ago

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  • Black Ops multiplayer: new modes, bots, gun customization, Wager Match video

    Hey, isn’t Black Ops the sequel to some kind of multiplayer thingamajig? Call of Something or Other? Modern Whatsit? So, what’s new? Well, Treyarch’s been pretty tight-lipped.Until now.

    10 years ago
  • Free-to-play Battlefield Heroes details

    Here. The ad-funded EA multiplayer shooter, which will be supported by in-game ads, will “feature fictitious armies” and “two to three maps (which are smaller than typical Battlefield Maps) with more to follow”. There’s also some information on the game’s vehicles, for those that care. Battlefield Heroes will be available to download “this summer”.

    13 years ago