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  • Grasshopper's Frog Minutes getting DeNA release in Japan

    Grasshopper will launch Frog Minutes, a previously iOS-only title that helped fund relief efforts during last year’s tsunami in Japan, will launch on social service DeNA in the country this spring. The new and improved version will launch on iOS and Android under a new joint venture between Grasshopper and DeNA, called Grasshopper Universe. Thanks, […]

  • Square Enix and DeNA unveil Final Fantasy Brigade

    The Final Fantasy collaboration between Sqaure Enix and mobile social game provider DeNA has been unveiled as a PvE and PvP title Final Fantasy Brigade.

  • Killer 7 dev to create social mobile games in Japan

    Grasshopper Manufacture, creator of offbeat titles Killer 7, No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned, has teamed up with Japanese social gaming company DeNA to work on new projects. Expect kooky results.

  • Square and DeNA developing social Final Fantasy game for Mobage platform

    Square Enix and DeNA are developing the first social game based on the Final Fantasy IP in Japan. The game, which was initially revealed via a teaser yesterday,  will be released via DeNA’s Mobage platform, and while there isn’t a date set, pre-registrations are being accepted. Those in Japan who own Fantasy Type-0 on PSP will receive […]

  • Namco Bandai forms start-up with DeNA

    Namco Bandai’s announced that its formed a brand new company alongside Mobage company DeNA for mobile and social titles in Japan. Called BDNA, a majority of it is owned by Namco with a 75 percent share, whilst DeNA owns the remaining 25 percent. Via Kotaku.

  • Professor Layton Royale announced as social game

    Level-5 has announced a new Professor Layton game which is a cross between the popular puzzler and Mobage’s Kaito Royale series.

  • ngmoco bought by Japanese social games firm for $400 million

    iPhone developer ngmoco has been bought by Japanese social games comapny DeNA for $400 million.

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