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  • Video - Project Dark might be Demon's Souls 2 in disguise

    Announcement trailer throws light on mysterious project.

  • Other than a few "dribs and drabs", Demon's Souls is sold out in UK

    Namco Bandai has said the Black Phantom Edition of Demon’s Souls has, for all intents and purposes, sold out in the UK.

  • Demon's Souls online servers staying up until spring 2011

    Atlus has confirmed that Demon’s Souls’ online servers will be kept online until at least next March.

  • First UK Demon's Souls trailer released

    Gamespot has published the first trailer for the forthcoming UK version of Demon’s Souls.

  • Demon's Souls formally dated in Europe for June 25 by Namco Bandai

    As promised yesterday, Namco Bandai Partners has formally announced it’ll be releasing Demon’s Souls in Europe, with the firm also giving a date to the PS3 RPG: June 25.

  • Namco Bandai "making full announcement" on Demon's Souls Euro release tomorrow

    Def. Con. 1. Namco Bandai has told VG247 it’ll be making a formal announcement on a European release for Demon’s Souls tomorrow.

  • USK lists Demon's Souls for European release by Namco-Bandai

    The dream is looking like a reality: Demon’s Souls is looking set for a European release for real, according to a listing on the German board classification the USK.

  • Demon's Souls blows past Atlus' projected unit sales in the US

    Atlus has revealed that Demon’s Souls has moved over 280K units in the US since it’s release.

  • You voted - Demon's Souls will be both white and black

    Atlus has announced that the new world tendency for Demon’s Souls Valentine Event will be a white one.

  • Demon's Souls lets you choose Valentine World Tendency

    Atlus has announced that its prepping for another world even in Demon’s Souls. This time, instead of just changing the World Tendency to a White Solstice or Black Halloween, it’s allowing you to decide if Valentine’s will be bright and cheery in the game, or as black as your heart.

  • Demon's Souls gets Japanese Best

    Amazon’s listing Demon’s Souls for a Best release in Japan on February 25. The new SKU’s to cost ¥3,230, discounted down from ¥3,800. Nothing official, obviously, but a nice nod to an apparently excellent game. We say “apparently” because our US copy still hasn’t arrived. Not good, yo. Thanks, JPS.

  • Sony teases Christmas surpirse for Demon's Souls

    Sony has Twitter teased the masses today with what appears to be a surprise of sorts for Demon’s Souls players. Here’s the tweet: Heroes of Boletaria, take heart: rumor has it the Old One’s power will falter in the days following the winter solstice #demonssouls The only thing we can figure out, same with Cinemablend, […]

  • Demon's Souls difficulty designed to give players "a sense of accomplishment"

    Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has told Game Informer that the game’s difficulty was designed so that players would feel “a sense of accomplishment” regarding the collection of souls. “If the Souls could be recovered anytime, there would be no suspense or sense of accomplishment,” he said. “[We want players to feel] like, ‘I can’t […]

  • Demon's Souls gets online Halloween challenge

    Those who play Demon’s Souls online will be in for a treat this Halloween, with what apparently sounds like a bit of a hard quest. We’ll let the PR explain it to you. “Early reports from the Kingdom of Boletaria indicate that the Old One’s power grows,” announced Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales […]

  • Atlus: Demon's Souls NA servers going live on October 6

    No one owns Demon’s Souls yet. No one. The game doesn’t release for another few days. Procurring an early copy is impossible. Even if you’re the President. But, hypothetically, if you’ve somehow managed to weasel your way into a copy of Demon’s Souls before its release date, Atlus would like you to know that the […]

  • Demon's Souls screens show off a fiery bee creature

    Some new Demon’s Souls screens popped up on the internet today. Some are new at any rate. The PS3 exclusive is expected to land on shelves October 6 in the US. So far, it’s still an import for the UK, but it sure looks worth it despite the scariness of those fire breathing bee thingies. […]

  • Atlus details US preorder bonus for Demon's Souls

    Atlus has detailed the preorder swag a bit more for the Standard and Deluxe versions of Demon’s Souls over on the US PS Blog. All preorders come with a full-color, 40-page art book featuring sketches, designs, and renders that show off the game’s “gritty medieval aesthetic” along with the soundtrack. In short, the Deluxe edition […]

  • Sony: No plans to publish Demon's Souls in Europe at present

    Ugh. Bad news there folks. The title is currently without a European publisher, so Demon’s Souls is currently not venturing to the continent any time soon. “We have no plans to publish it in Europe at present,” Sony told Eurogamer. The Atlus series Shin Megami Tensei was brought to Europe by Tecmo Koei, but there […]

  • Demon's Souls set for October 6 in US

    Atlus said today that PS3 RPG Demon’s Souls will release on October 6 in the US. The game will get a deluxe edition, which includes a strategy guide and a “collectible outer slipcase”. Pre-orderers of either the normal or bumped-up SKU will get a free art book. Details after the break.

  • Shots for Demon's Souls show loads of scary things

    Drop dead gorgeous shots of Demon’s Souls are up over on IGN. There’s dragons, a giant moth, fiery pits with maniacal flying beetle things and loads of other neat, scary stuff. Atlus just announced it for North America yesterday. Here’s hoping a European date is not far behind.

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