Demons' Score

Demon’s Score content costs twice as much in the US as Japan

Demon’s Score is an iOS Rhythm Action game from the team behind Elite Beat Agents. It launched last week and was criticised for its expensive add-on packs, which contain the majority of the game, but a NeoGaf user has upped the ante even further by revealing that the Japanese version of the game includes the […]

7 years ago

Demons' Score headlines

  • Demons' Score out now on iOS

    Demons’ Score sounds ideal; it’s a rhythm action battle RPG from the team behind Elite Beat Agents, published on the App Store by Square Enix. Unfortunately, according to Kotaku the $7 cover charge unlocks just one of around ten character configurations, which may put you off. Check out the E3 trailer and see what you […]

    7 years ago
  • Square releases E3 trailer for iOS, Android game Demons' Score

    Square has released a video for its Unreal Engine 3 developed Demons’ Score, an on-rails shooter for iOS and Android. Have a watch below courtesy of Siliconera.

    8 years ago