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  • HAWX delayed, says Ubi: No it isn't, says Ubi

    Bit of quick confusion here. Ubisoft sent out a release schedule earlier this afternoon listing combat flight sim Tom Clancy’s HAWX as a Q1 release. Eurogamer reported this as a slip – the date was listed in red on the schedule, meaning it had been amended – posting a story saying the game wouldn’t be […]

  • XBLA Banjo delayed to December 3

    This 1UP report contains a quote from Microsoft admitting that not all those who pre-ordered Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts received their code to get the original Banjo from XBLA, as well as a note saying the game’s release has now been delayed until December 3. “We are aware that some consumers who preordered Banjo-Kazooie: […]

  • Sonic Unleashed a little bit delayed in North America

    Japan still has Sonic bound-and-gagged tightest, but North America’s now officially detaining the blue hedgehog-man as well. Probably as some kind of symbolic gesture. According to IGN, Sonic Unleashed’s PlayStation 2 and Wii iterations will arrive on schedule, but after that, the scrambling begins. First up, the game isn’t hitting North American Xbox 360s until […]

  • Sonic Unleashed delayed until 2009 in Japan, still on track in West

    Well this is strange. According to a report by Siliconera, Sonic’s latest adventure won’t be making a pit stop in Japan until spring of 2009. However, the game’s release date remains unaffected in other territories. And that’d be fine – if not for one perplexing detail. Apparently, Sega is slowing Sonic’s Japanese release in order […]

  • Harrison: Sony took "absolutely the right decision" in LBP recall

    Atari president Phil Harrison has told GI that Sony took “absolutely the decision” in recalling LittleBigPlanet after the company withdrew the game from retail due to complaints about a song that contained two sentences from the Qur’an featured on the disc. “I wasn’t privy to all of the discussions and debate that went on within […]

  • Splinter Cell: Conviction officially delayed

    Ubisoft’s finally made an official announcement on Splinter Cell: Conviction, saying Sam Fisher’s latest won’t be with us until the company’s 2009-2010 fiscal year. The means no one’s going to see the game until somewhere between April 1, 2009 and March 30, 2010. Conviction was previously down for a Q1 2009 release.

  • Microsoft: GTA IV DLC still on track for beginning of "fall 2008"

    Talking with, a Microsoft spokesman said that the company’s stance on the release-timing of Grand Theft Auto IV’s exclusive DLC remains unchanged. We were told in an email this morning, “Comment from us stays at: ‘The first of the Xbox 360 exclusive “Grand Theft Auto IV” episodes will be available beginning fall 2008.'” The […]

  • EA screws up Army of Two DLC roll-out

    How hard can it be? Very, apparently. Despite saying the Veteran Pack DLC for Army of Two would be available today, this IGN piece says various bits of it are going to be delayed in various territories. For ease: North America PlayStation 3 – Delayed Xbox 360 – On time Europe PlayStation 3 – On […]

  • Ubisoft refuses to comment on Splinter Cell Conviction "back to drawing board" rumours

    Ubisoft has refused to comment on a story this morning that claimed Splinter Cell Conviction had been put on hold. “There is no official comment on this story, which is based on a purely speculative news piece,” said a spokesperson. The story, which can be seen here on CVG, claimed that, “Splinter Cell Conviction has […]

  • Ubisoft on Splinter Cell Conviction delay: If it's not from an official source, it's a "punt"

    Ubisoft has said this morning that an Xbox World 360 story claiming Splinter Cell Conviction is “on hold” isn’t answerable unless it’s come from an official source. Which it hasn’t. “If they’ve got a Ubisoft source then there’s something to be answered there, but if it’s just them commenting on something that they’ve heard, then […]

  • Prototype pushed into 2009

    Sierra’s taken the decision to move Prototype into 2009, according to this IGN report. “Sierra Entertainment and Radical Entertainment have made the decision to shift Prototype to launch in 2009,” said a publisher spokesperson. “Since its announcement, Prototype has been regarded by many as groundbreaking and taking the open-world genre in new directions, and in […]

  • Delays and shortages for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Sweet irony. Despite the entire internet having paroxysms about Nintendo’s cutie Wii fighter, demand for the game is likely to promote shortages and small delays. We mean “small”, but such is the rabid desire to make Luigi hit Peach with a loaf of bread, any news of anything to do with the game is instantly […]

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