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BioWare to correct Mass Effect: Deception errors

BioWare has apologised for and promised to fix the startlingly prevalent errors in the latest Mass Effect tie-in.

9 years ago

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  • Weekly MMO news round-up, September 12: Star Wars has zombies, The Secret World's not so secret anymore

    Massively had a chat with Stew Chisam, VP of game operations at Hi-Rez Studios, during DragonCon last week. It’s a video interview, and in it, Chisam chats about how well things are going with Global Agenda since the two closed Betas. If this game has been on your radar, you should check out what Chisam […]

    11 years ago
  • God of War novels announced

    Del Ray is to release a novel based on the God of War franchise in March 2010.The book is the first in a two-part deal.Blurb:In the novel GOD OF WAR, Kratos, the game’s protagonist, is a great warrior who seeks revenge on the God of War Ares for the deaths of his wife and child. […]

    11 years ago