December NPD 2010

Analyst: Nintendo must drop Wii price point

Responding to the recently released 2010 NPD sales figures, an analyst has concluded the Wii must take a pice cut if Nintendo is to sustain business.

10 years ago

December NPD 2010 headlines

  • NPD 2010 figures show sales downturn

    There’s been a lot of celebration of the NPD’s recently released 2010 US sales figures, but among the cheering is a note of concern. Compared to 2009’s figures, game and hardware sales were down six percent right across the board.On the up side, that’s less of a down turn than last year.

    10 years ago
  • Nintendo tops US console sales for past five years

    Nintendo has made an official statement in response to the NPD’s release of US sales figures for 2010, highlighting its performance as the best selling console manufacturer of the last decade.NoA’s Charlie Scibetta said that Nintendo had topped the charts for five years straight, adding, “Of the quarter billion hardware systems sold in the United […]

    10 years ago