Debut Sales

DSi sells 300,000 in first weekend in West [Update]

Update – This Edge story‘s claiming the figure’s 600,000, 300,000 in the US and 300,000 in Europe.Nintendo’s just confirmed that DSi moved 300,000 units in is first two days on sale in the US and Europe, according to this Kotaku report.The machine moved 92,000 machines in the UK last weekend, as was confirmed by Chart-Track […]

12 years ago

Debut Sales headlines

  • Nintendo issues revised opening UK DSi sales figures to 92k

    Nintendo’s told VG247 that DSi sold 92,000 units in the UK in its opening weekend, not 103,000 as previously reported.Both figures came from Chart-Track. The UK tracking body just revised its figure to the lower amount.DSi enjoyed the fourth largest hardware launch in British history last week.

    12 years ago
  • DSi sells 103,000 in opening UK weekend

    GI’s reporting that DSi sold 103,000 units at UK retailer in its opening weekend.The machine outsold all other hardware platforms combined.The upgraded handheld retails for £150 in Britain.More through there.

    12 years ago
  • DSi enjoys large, numberless debut sales in UK

    DSi became the fourth fastest-selling console in British gaming history in its opening weekend, according to GfK-ChartTrack.The handheld revision beat debut sales numbers of the original DS, but was outdone by the opening weekends of PSP, PS3 and Wii.The machine sold more than all other hadrware formats combined over the weekend.As is GfK-ChartTrack’s wont, there […]

    12 years ago