Death Tank

Fable II DLC, Peggle part of this weeks Live Deal of the Week

Nelson‘s just detailed this weeks Live Deal of the Week, where this week you get three for the price of one.First up – Fable II DLC pack “See the Future”. Once 560 MS points, it’s now 400 MS points.Secondly, Peggle, which was once at 800 MS points. Now, it is reduced to 400 MS points.Finally, […]

11 years ago

Death Tank headlines

  • Xbox Live Wednesday: Afro Samurai, The Maw, Death Tank

    Today’s DLC update for 360 owners includes a demo, extra game content and an arcade title. Afro Samurai Demo (Free) — This actually came out last night, but if you are in the mood to take control of Afro as he searches for Justice and his father’s killer with a raging combo system, go for […]

    12 years ago
  • Death Tank up on Live

    Nelson’s confirmed that Death Tank is now up on the Live Arcade.The Snowblind remake features eight-way multi-play and eight different landscapes on which to settle your differences.It’s 1,200 Points.

    12 years ago
  • Death Tank goes to XBLA this week

    Death Tank’s this Wednesday’s XBLA game, which is probably pretty cool.The Snowblind Studios remake features Live play for up to eight, and it’ll cost you 1,200 Points.You really may as well buy it. It’ll probably be fun.

    12 years ago
  • Death Tank revealed for XBLA - video

    There’s a video of an XBLA version of Snowblind Studios’ Death Tank on GamerBytes, and it’s looking pretty swish.No date, but we’re promised four-way local and eight-player Live action. Go look.

    12 years ago