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  • Deadpool included in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    Deadpool’s on the way to Ultimate Alliance 2, according to this IGN piece. The hero hasn’t been officially announced for the game, but appears in an ad for the title in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He was an unlockable in the original. Raven will be pleased: it’s keen on making Mr Deadpool the focus of his […]

  • Wolverine boss keen on Deadpool game

    Wolvering dev lead Dan Vondrak has told UGO that he’s keen on making a Deadpool game. This is probably pretty cool. “That’s very easy, that’d be Deadpool,” he said when asked which comic character he’d like to tackle next. “We’re huge fans of Deadpool. When we made X-Men 2, we made sure to put Deadpool […]

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