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Dead Space Extraction Move edition is “way, way” better looking

The “Limited” PlayStation 3 Edition of Dead Space 2 comes with a pretty spiffy bundle – Wii title Dead Space: Extraction, ported over in a Move-friendly fashion. But the port process is fraught with peril. What changes has the Big Black Box wrought? Are hardcore fans perhaps obligated to pick up this new version for […]

Dead Space Extraction headlines

  • All news from EA TGS presser - Damned reveal and trailer, new Alice trailer, more

    Get all the news from the EA TGS press conference after the break, including first details on the Suda51-Mikami horror title, Shadows of the Damned, a new look at Alice and more.

  • Rumor: Dead Space 2 Limited Edition is the only PS3 version

    GameStop has listed the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for PS3 as the only version available for the console.

  • Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for PS3 has Extraction

    Sony has revealed a new PS3-exclusive Limited Edition Dead Space 2 pack which will see Dead Space Extraction packed in for free on January 28. Also, Extraction will include PlayStation Move support.

  • Rumor: Dead Space Extraction PSN and XBL port confirmed

    Another rumor regarding Dead Space Extraction hitting XBLA and PSN came out today, and has EA actively working on the port.

  • Rumor: Dead Space: Extraction, Planet Cracker invading XBLA, PSN

    In space, no one can hear you scream. At least, that’s what we thought until we played Dead Space, which had us screeching in pitches so high that our beards threatened to leave us for better men. Fortunately for our poor hearts, two Dead Space-themed games – Dead Space: Extraction and Planet Cracker – will […]

  • Dead Space: Extraction sold 9,000 in the US last month, Divnich blames EA

    Dead Space: Extraction sold a depressingly inevitable 9,000 units in the US last month, according to NPD data and Edge. The figure accounts for sales from September 29 to October 3. Why? EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has blamed lack of EA marketing spend. “Electronic Arts didn’t market Dead Space Extraction as much as it does […]

  • Dead Space Extraction - the first 15 minutes

    Vooks has posted up the first 15 minutes of Dead Space Extraction. You can get it after the break, courtesy of Kotaku. For the Wii core, this is a no-brainer. It really does look great. Obviously, this is a massive spoiler, so only go ahead if you need convincing. It’s out next week.

  • Dead Space Extraction has 500% more dialogue than original game

    Dead Space Extraction has more than 500 percent more dialogue in it than the original game, senior designer John Calhoun confirmed in the video you can see after the break. “One of the things that fans may not know about this game is that we actually have over five times more dialogue than the original […]

  • Visceral: Dead Space 2? "Play all the way to the end" of Extraction

    GameZines recently sat down with Visceral’s Richard Briggs during a hands on event with Dead Space: Extraction, where a very interesting point came up during the interview. “Let me just say that if you’re going to play Extraction, you should play all the way to the end” said the Extraction producer. It’s all leading one […]

  • Dead Space: Extraction gets a BBFC 18

    The BBFC’s given Dead Space: Extraction an 18, as you can see here. No cuts were made for UK release, and the game contains “strong bloody violence and strong language,” according to the UK ratings body. Keep everything crossed against the mature-games-don’t-sell-on-Wii-naysayers, innit. It’s out in October. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • Dead Space Extraction video shows how to use Wii controls

    There’s a video posted after the break for Dead Space Extraction showing how to use Will controls and the optional Wii Zapper. It is also shows off the co-op mode, which doesn’t sound half bad. The game is expected to land in September. Thanks, D’toid.

  • EA: Wii games can't be ports, must have "own unique designs"

    Speaking with Gamespot, EA Games president Frank Gibeau set the course for EA’s Wii games to come, and warned against the choppy waters ports tend to bring. “These need to be stand-alone, high-quality games that are profitable,” he said. “Our operating assumption is that ports on the Nintendo Wii don’t sell very well, and we […]

  • New Dead Space: Extraction Wii images look grim

    EA’s just put out five new Dead Space: Extraction shots to celebrate the game being shown at E3 and it’s looking as dark and as dreary as you’d expect. If that’s not enough, here’s an E3 video the company put out earlier. September release for this one.

  • Dead Space: Extraction E3 video is a bit dark and foreboding

    In every shadow, terror hides. That’s what the E3 trailer for Dead Space: Extraction shows you after the break. Looks as intense as the first one. No one likes a mutant alien/human hybrid bent on turning you to jelly hiding in the dark. Just waiting for you. Blame D’Toid should you get nervous watching. Wii […]

  • Dead Space: Extraction - the entire E3 demo in video

    IGN’s posted the entire Dead Space: Extraction E3 demo in video form. Get is after the break. Cool, huh? Now you don’t have to bother seeing it in LA! It’s out in September, Wii-only. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • Dead Space Extraction Wii-bound in September

    Dead Space Extraction will be released in North American on September 29 and in Europe on October 2. EA announced it this morning via a press release, which is posted after the break. “Our team is really excited to bring the intensity of the Dead Space universe to an entire new audience,” said producer, Steve […]

  • No plans for Dead Space Wii DLC

    Dead Space: Extraction executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, told VG247 that the team will not be taking advantage of the Wii SDHC storage solution meaning, that no downloadbale content is planned for the game. “I don’t think we have any plans for that right now,” said Papoutsis. “It’s interesting but no.” Papoutsis has also told us […]

  • Visceral boss "confident" of success with Dead Space: Extraction

    Visceral Games boss Glen Schofield isn’t put off by the relative failure of other core Wii products – Dead Space: Extraction will do the business, he’s told GI. “I’m confident – it is an experiment, but there’s going to be 50 million Wiis out there by the time the game comes out, so if you […]

  • Dead Space violence won't be "watered down" for Wii

    Worried Dead Space: Extraction’s violence will be diluted for Wii? Fret no more. It isn’t. “We’re definitely not planning to water it down at all for the Wii, but again, we’re not going to add in shock value just to have that,” the game’s exec producer, Steve Papoutsis, told VG247 in London last week. “First […]

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