De Blob

Nordic Games has purchased the IP rights to de Blob

Nordic Games has acquired the rights to the de Blob IP from THQ, the firm has announced.

De Blob headlines

  • de Blob 2: The Big Takedown trailer features rebellion - and video conferencing

    THQ has sent out a new trailer for de Blob 2: The Big Takedown ahead of its release next week, featuring one of the most adorable villainous multi-user video conferences we have ever seen.

  • THQ releases game schedule for the first part of 2011

    THQ has sent out an updated release schedule of its games to retailers, and we’ve got the full shebang for you below.

  • de Blob 2 screens and trailer released

    THQ has released a new trailer for de Blob 2 with some screenshots of the Wii version to go along with it.

  • de Blob: The Underground gets detailed

    The July issue of Nintendo Power has been dissected, and more information from it pertaining to de Blob: The Underground has been revealed.

  • Nintendo Power outs de Blob: The Underground for Wii, DS

    The latest issue of Nintendo Power has the goods on the new de Blob game, and it’s apparently called de Blob: The Underground.

  • THQ planning banner E3 with Red Faction 3, Saint's Row 3, more

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell has been chatting about the company’s games coming out, and he reiterated that attendees at E3 this year will get to have a look at both Red Faction 3 and Saint’s Row 3.

  • De Blob to add some color to 'Syfy Kids' lineup

    De Blob’s back! And the Syfy network is… still here. Yeah! So, logically, it only makes sense that the two would team up, right? No. It really doesn’t. But they’re doing it anyway.

  • THQ to release sequel to de Blob between 2011 and 2012

    During last night’s financial call to investors, THQ slipped one passed us by stating that a sequel to de Blob was in the works.

  • de Blob moves over 700,000 for THQ

    de Blob has sold more than 700,000 units worldwide, THQ boss Brian Farrell told the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco this morning. Despite a disastrous retail environment, the game has held its $49.99 price point after around five months of availability. “We can make money on games like that,” Farrell said. […]

  • THQ to make more de Blob for Wii

    A THQ rep has told IGN that after the company’s evaluation of deBlob Wii sales, we can expect to see more games in the future. “We’re pleased with de Blob’s performance worldwide,” the rep noted. “It’s a great intellectual property and you can tell your readers to expect to see more of de Blob in […]

  • THQ Gamer's Day - RF: Guerilla, Saints Row 2, Baja, more

    What an awful lot of words. Our newsreader nearly had heart failure this morning. Shame Dawn if War II didn’t make it. Here’s what was shown at THQ’s Gamer’s Day in San Francisco this week: Saints Row 2 video interview Saints Row 2 impressions de Blob multiplayer hands-on Baja hands-on Wall-E impressions Red Faction: Guerilla […]

  • THQ releases Wii de Blob video

    THQ has released a new gameplay video of up and coming Wii conversion de Blob. Take a look after the link. The idea of the game – which has been out on PC for ages – is that you have to paint the world with colour. Evil corporation Ink Corp has removed all the colour […]