Daytona headlines

  • Daytona HD confirmed... for arcade

    First pics of a new Sega arcade cabinet have apparently confirmed the existence of an HD Daytona remake. The game – named Sega Racing Classic – runs at 1280×720, and was teased in a bit of arty recently. No news of a home port. We suggest you shouldn’t expect any, either. Via Arcade Heroes and […]

    10 years ago
  • Rumour - New Sega racing game suggests Daytona involvement

    If a new concept art picked up by Sega Nerds (via IGN) suggests what we think it suggests, a new Sega racing game could involve Daytona. Imaginatively known as Sega Racing Game, the concept art shows a Daytona car under a trademark blue sky. The cover also contains a Ringwide logo, so it seems likely […]

    10 years ago