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  • Weekly PC sales for D2D and Steam, August 8 - DoWII, Champions Online

    Digital download sites Steam and Direct2Drive have released charts for week ending August 8. Looks like Dawn of War II led the group over on Steam, with the Aion Collector’s Edition pre-sale still going strong. Over on D2D, Champions Online preorders have taken over, with Fallout 3 and the Sims 3 still doing well. Here’s […]

  • Dawn of War 2 patch There is Only War goes live tomorrow

    The largest patch to Dawn of War 2 called There Is Only War goes live tomorrow. Relic has added eight new maps, made changes to the balance system, and included a new “observer” feature for matching. Patch notes can be found through here. Thanks, Shack.

  • DoWII There is Only War beta goes live

    After a brief delay, the Dawn of War II There is Only War beta is now up, giving players access to the game’s map editor. There’s a heap of new content too. Hit the link for details.

  • Dawn of War II to get map editor

    The next major Dawn of War II update will include a full map editor, Kotaku reports. Called the “World Builder,” it’ll allow you to “create, edit, and play” on your own maps, and allow you to play with terrain, objects, nodes, weather and whatever else you fancy. There’s more detail and screens through there. No […]

  • Dawn of War II update There is Only War gets July beta

    Relic has announced that There is Only War, the next Dawn of War II update, will go into open beta in July. It will include balancing, eight multiplayer maps, the ability to “spectate custom multiplayer matches” and some basic improvements. The beta will be open to all Dawn of War II users and an exact […]

  • Dawn of War II gets monster update

    Dawn of War II got a whopping patch last night, adding two new maps, 2v2 ranked play, new kill animations and tons more. Geek yourself out here. The game should patch itself when you start it up.

  • More details on upcoming patch for Dawn of War II

    Relic has released more information regarding the upcoming patch for Dawn of War II. Patch 1.3 will include new abilities, armor, wargear and weapons The new scout armor provides a burst of speed to squads facing melee attacks, while new a weapon called the Roar of Revelation, is a shotgun that stuns and causes knockbacks […]

  • New Dawn of War II maps get screens

    Kotaku’s running some screens of the upcoming new 2v2 maps in Dawn of War II. The first, Medean Cliff Mines, is built around a central hub. The second, Ruins of Argus, is an urban map offering lots house-to-house fighting. Take a look. They’re out imminently.

  • Dawn of War II patch coming this month

    Relic has posted a preliminary list of notes on the Dawn of War II patch coming later this month. Here are just a few things you can look forward to: A Two-on-Two game mode, with two new four player maps. Two-on-Two is a ranked game mode with leaderboard support. An improved, more challenging Skirmish AI. […]

  • Dawn of War II demo and patch released

    A single-player Dawn of War II demo’s gone out – get it from BigDownload. It’ll got you 333Mb. The game’s also been patched to v1.2.1, for those with the full version. Get the notes through the link.

  • US PC charts: February's top 20 best-sellers

    NPD has compiled a list of America’s top 20 best-selling PC games during February: Lich King won out. Not much changed month over month, the debuts of Dawn of War II and F.E.A.R. 2 the only real exceptions. World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Warhammer 40K: Dawn of […]

  • Edge 200 review scores - RE5 and DoW II both get 7

    It’s a barren, newsless desert out there. So have the review scores from Edge’s 200th issue. Resident Evil 5 – 7 Empire: Total War – 9 Shellshock 2: Blood Trails – 2 Afro Samurai – 5 Stormrise – 4 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – 7 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand – 7 […]

  • Dawn of War II takes UK and US PC number one

    Dawn of War II has topped by American and British charts in its opening week, pushing down World of Warcraft, The Sims and a European launch for Football Manager 2009. UK top ten below: Here‘s the full UK PC chart for the week ending February 28. Top ten US below for February 15-21, courtesy of […]

  • Relic readying Dawn of War II patch after bug complaints

    Relic’s confirmed it’s already working on a Dawn of War II patch after complaints that players are being prevented from accepting any new campaign missions in the game. The RTS sequel released today in Europe and earlier this week in the US. “The fix should bring those corrupted save games back to life and shouldn’t […]

  • Get entire set of Wargear for Dawn of War II

    To celebrate Dawn of War II’s release this Friday, Eurogamer ‘s giving away 500 sets of Wargear. The site will award 100 per day away to the first readers to log in to get their key. The DLC encompasses all of the pre-order offers, including the Chapter Command, Destroyer, Sniper, Sternguard and Vanguard. Keys are […]

  • Life-sized Space Marine Rhino crushes cars in field

    We normally stay clear of wacky PR “shit”, but this made us laugh. To celebrate the release of Dawn of War II later this month, THQ built a life-sized Space Marine Rhino – it’s an APC, if you didn’t know – and drove it over some cars in a field. That’s it. There’s a video […]

  • Pre-load Dawn of War II, get free stuff

    THQ’s put Dawn of War II live for pre-load: do it now. The game goes live on February 20. Pre-loaders will get an unlock code via email at the time. Get in early and you’ll receive the following exclusive content: One multiplayer 1vs1 map, “Legis High Stratum” Four new weapons Two unique Purity Seals One […]

  • Dawn of War II multiplayer beta now open to all

    As you can see from this Steam page, the Dawn of War II multiplayer beta is now open to everyone. Up to this point, you needed to be in possession of a copy of Dawn of War add-on Soustorm to get past the guards. You should be waiting for nothing. Get involved. The game’s out […]

  • Dawn of War II beta keys on Eurogamer [Update]

    You’ve got be really quick as Eurogamer has only 1100 beta keys left at the time of writing. All you have to do is make register for a free Eurogamer account and then click here. Couldn’t be easier, could it? Now quick! Before they all run out. Update: Too late. They’re all gone. By Mike […]

  • Dawn of War II early beta now open, Eurogamer giving keys away

    THQ has just dropped us a line announcing that the Dawn of War II early beta – Soulstorm owners only – is now live. If you meet the criteria and fancy having a go then hit here for all the details. However, if you don’t own Dawn of War Soulstorm and are too measly to […]

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