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Zucker “resignation” mired by stark reality of horror losses

This article takes the rub off David Zucker’s “resignation” from Midway this week by doing some rather wince-worthy sums about the state of the company since Sumner Redstone took control in 2004. Midway’s net losses since 2004: about $300 million Revenue growth from 2004 through 2007: -3% Increase in net loss from 2004 through 2007: […]

13 years ago

David Zucker headlines

  • The game's not over for Midway, says Zucker

    David Zucker, Midway CEO until he resigned yesterday, has given a final interview in which he says time isn’t up for Midway, despite the publisher binning almost $100 million last year.“I think they’ve been saying that for five years or so,” he said when asked how he’d respond to analysts that reckon it’s “game over” […]

    13 years ago
  • Zucker quits Midway following shock losses

    David Zucker has resigned as Midway CEO following full-year losses of almost $100 million in 2007.Matthew Booty, VP of worldwide studios, will step into his shoes as an interim measure until a new replacement’s found.“The board is confident that a new CEO will be selected who can fully utilize the opportunities presented by this next-generation […]

    13 years ago
  • UT3 ships 1 million units

    Speaking in Midway’s recent investor call, CEO David Zucker revealed that Unreal Tournament 3 has now shipped over 1 million units for PS3 and PC.“Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC and the PS3, have now shipped over a million units total,” he said. “While it may seem the PC market is slowing as indicated by […]

    13 years ago