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  • Reeves: "The line-up for PSP in 2009 is two or three times stronger than it was last year"

    SCEE president David Reeves has admitted that PSP performance has not been good enough but promised a stellar line up for 2009. “The competition has been such that publishers have had four consoles, plus PC, to publish for. They did not put their chips on PSP, certainly in the US and Europe,” said Reeves when […]

  • "We don't have to go to Capcom or Take-Two and ask for an exclusive," says Reeves

    In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Sony Europe president David Reeves says he has no regrets about titles like Grand Theft Auto, amongst others, going multi-platform and completely understand the publisher’s rights to do so. “I don’t think we were in a position not to give up exclusivity,” he said honestly. “You can’t live on […]

  • Reeves: "I know I'm not going to have to ring up the customer careline saying I've got three red lights"

    When asked what the average [read: not ‘hardcore’, doesn’t care about Blu ray] consumer would choose if he/she went into a shop and saw the expensive PlayStation 3 compared with the cheaper 360, SCEE president David Reeves expects them to go for “the green machine” – though only because they haven’t done their research. “The […]

  • Sony must be like an armadillo throughout recession, says Reeves

    When quizzed on whether PlayStation 3 would remain the most expensive console on the market, Sony Europe president David Reeves concurred saying that you need a thick skin in order to know how to weather the economic storm. “I think it will [remain the most expensive console, yes,” said Reeves to EG. “I’m not saying […]

  • Reeves: Videogame industry is about survival of the professional, not cutting prices and destroying the market

    In a rather volcanic interview with Eurogamer, SCEE president David Reeves has said he feels that despite the recession, the videogame industry is in good health and will remain if “people” don’t go around “cutting prices” and ruining it for everybody else. “It’s a function of the economic situation that you are going to find […]

  • "Xbox 360 is not ahead by a million units," PS3 now market's number 2, says Reeves

    David Reeves has told EG that despite Microsoft’s claims to the contrary, Xbox 360 is not as far ahead as the company thinks. Reeves compared Sony stance of not dropping the price compared with MS as like “going ten rounds with Ali” and still standing. “I don’t want to talk about the competition too much, […]

  • Reeves: The plan wasn't to hit sales, it was to hit a profit target

    SCEE president David Reeves has said that in light of yesterday’s moribund Q3 financial results, Sony’s plan was never sales-minded, but profit-focused. “We’ve said it would be 10 million, and it is 10 million,” said Reeves. “We had a price decrease in the previous year, and we didn’t have a price decrease this year. Xbox […]

  • VidZone set for release on PSN June 4th

    According to a PSN release schedule obtained by videogaming247.com, the online music video service, operated by London-based company VidZone Digital Media will be available to download from PSN on 4th June. Until now, the Vidzone service – which allows streaming of music videos to all PS3 users in Europe for free –only had a “2009” […]

  • Reeves: Most important thing in 2009 is to make money

    In an article at PlayStation.com featuring leading industry figures talking about what they are looking forward to most in 2009, SCEE president David Reeves has said that turning a profit is Sony’s main, short-term goal. “The most important thing for us as a company in the very short term is for us to start making […]

  • Reeves: "You don’t grow the market by putting out shoddy machines"

    SCEE president David Reeves has told MCV that substandard hardware will do nothing to grow the games market. “We also grow the market through new products – some work, some don’t, that’s just the Sony way,” he said. “And on that point, another thing we have committed to for supporting market growth is putting out […]

  • Reeves: Games trade is not recession-proof

    SCEE president David Reeves has said that the game industry is not recession-proof, and that it’s “difficult to explain” why PlayStation products are achieving European targets. “From our point of view which is in the videogames division, in PlayStation, it’s not recession-proof, of course,” he told Dutch TV station RTL. “I don’t think any industry […]

  • Reeves: We're not dropping PS3 next spring, we're ahead of 360 in Europe

    SCEE president David Reeves has told MCV that PS3 will not drop in price next spring – as was rumoured recently – and that the machine is ahead of Xbox 360 by around 300,000 units in Europe. “No we are not going to go down in price; neither are we going to go down in […]

  • Rumour: Reeves mails SCEE staff with NDA reminder after 2009 plan leak

    SCEE may be officially pegging a leak from its staff conference in London last week as “rumour and speculation”, but we’ve just been told that president David Reeves emailed staff this morning reminding everyone that an NDA’s built into their contracts. A UK rep has just declined to comment on the truth of the matter, […]

  • Rumour: PS3 price-cutting planned for March, Uncharted 2 and GoW3 shown in UK

    DPad’s posted a report based on a source that attended the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing in London on Friday, claiming SCEE president David Reeves said the firm “will be getting more competitive on price from March 2009 onwards.” Apparently the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet – which the report says has been worked on […]

  • Reeves: PSP isn't in the shadow of DS

    Speaking to MCV and Games Convention, SCEE president David Reeves said the firm is “comfortable” with PSP as it stands and doesn’t believe the handheld’s success is being overshadowed by DS. “I don’t think we’re necessarily in the shadow of DS – they have different types of games and we have a different positioning for […]

  • Reeves: Publisher exclusivity probably "a thing of the past"

    David Reeves is the man who keeps on giving. At least he does in this case, because both VG247 and GI had the same interview slot with the SCEE president at Games Convention, all of our questions from which are newsified here. He did, however, say other things. And the biggest thing he said was […]

  • Reeves-ageddon - SCEE boss talks FFXIII, Vidzone, PAL hardware sales and more at GC08

    David Reeves is a nice chap. He’s also president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, so when he says things it’s best to take note. We caught up with Reeves at Games Convention in Leipzig last week after an impressive press conference at the show, and, as ever, he had plenty to say on everything. We’ve […]

  • Reeves: We're a bit behind on video downloads, but we will get there

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention in Germany last week, SCEE president David Reeves highlighted the difficulties in bringing the Movie Store service to European PS3s, but assured that SCEE “will get there” and launch the functionality on the Continent. “On the video side, you will appreciate that when a movie comes out in Europe, […]

  • Reeves: "I am supremely confident" that PS3 leads 360 in PAL territories - audio

    SCEE super-boss David Reeves has told VG247 that PS3 is still ahead of 360 in Europe, and that he’s amazingly sure of the fact. “We are indeed,” said the exec when asked if Sony was sure PS3 was still in front. “In PAL territories we are ahead of Xbox 360. We’re absolutely confident.” “I have […]

  • Reeves: Focus groups said music videos were key to PS3

    Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention in Leipzig last week, SCEE boss David Reeves said that the reason Vidzone – a streaming service for music videos – is to be added to the European PS3 early next year is that focus tests consistently through it up as important. “It’s what prompted it,” said Reeves when […]

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