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Former Xbox manager says digital distribution’s “neither as big nor as significant” as consoles

David Edery, former worldwide games portfolio manager for Xbox Live Arcade, has said that “digital distribution is neither as big nor as significant [to game consoles] as it’s been cracked up to be,” and it does not have such a “long tail” as backers claim.This means that popular titles keep getting more money, while others […]

12 years ago

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  • Microsoft extending XBLA file limit to 350Mb

    Speaking in this GI interview, David Edery – worldwide games portfolio planner for Xbox Live Arcade – has confirmed that the file-size for XBLA games it to be extended from 150Mb to 350Mb.“Yeah, it’s a steady progress,” when asked if the new size was correct. “We’ve been listening to our partners, listening to our customers […]

    13 years ago