David Amor

Relentless announces Blue Toad Murder Files

Relentless has announced the secret project it mentioned for the first time at Develop last year, an episodic murder mystery called Blue Toad Murder Files.The game’s a PSN exclusive, and the Buzz!-creator’s first foray into self-publishing.“Blue Toad Murder Files is a murder mystery game along the lines of Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders and 1001 […]

11 years ago

David Amor headlines

  • Buzz! man was worried user-gen quizzes would bring "random nonsense"

    Speaking to ThreeSpeech, Relentless boss David Amor has admitted that opening Buzz! up to user-generated quizzes with Buzz! Quiz TV wasn’t without its potential pitfalls.“I was worried that we’d get lots of random nonsense, like ‘what’s my favourite colour?’, or ‘how badly can I swear in a quiz and get away with it?’, but actually […]

    12 years ago
  • Buzz!-maker confirms work on brand new IP, continues to "work closely with Sony"

    Speaking exclusively to VG247 today, Relentless Software – developer of PlayStation quiz smash, Buzz! – has confirmed that the company has a brand new IP in the works.“Yes, we have other stuff that we’re working on,” said creative boss David Amor.“We started with 12 people making Buzz!, and we’ve crept all the way up to […]

    12 years ago