Dave Ranyard

Why Sony London Studios talent left triple-A to make VR games about balls

Arca’s Path is a VR game created with a singular vision: to make something anyone can play on any VR platform.

2 years ago

Dave Ranyard headlines

  • Singstar: Sony discussing free-to-play reboot at F2P Summit next month

    Singstar is getting a free-to-play reboot later this year, following a free stint on PS3. Sony has confirmed it will discuss the project at the F2P Summit event in October.

    7 years ago
  • Ranyard to head SingStar franchise

    According to this GI story, former creative services manager Dave Ranyard is to assume control of the SingStar franchise at Sony London.The role was vacated when long-time caretaker Paulina Bozek left for Atari earlier this year.

    12 years ago