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  • Gaikai signs EA, moves into 2011

    Gaikai has announced it’s struck a multi-year deal with EA to include some of its more popular PC titles when the service launches.

  • GamesMaster staging comeback, TV series possible

    Future said today that GamesMaster mag is to relaunch in the UK in May, and that the TV series may even return.

  • Perry's Gaikai service raises $5 million VC

    Big Dave Perry’s Gaikai game service has raised $5 million in venture capital funding, according to a US SEC filing uncovered by Gamasutra. According to the doc, Mitch Lasky, a former Activision exec and current partner at tech-investment firm Benchmark Capital, is a contributor.

  • Gaikai closed beta to launch in Europe "later this month"

    Dave Perry’s Cloud-based Gaikai system is to get a closed beta in Europe this month. “Over 30,000 people have already signed up to help test and many came from Europe, they were really bummed that they would be left out of our launch plans,” said Perry, speaking in a statement you can find after the […]

  • Perry: GaiKai isn't for the hardcore, wants new audience

    Dave Perry has said that cloud gaming service GaiKai isn’t not aimed at the hardcore market at all but he’s hoping to bring the wow-factor to the non-gamer. “GaiKai is not built for hardcore gamers – those are the guys that want HD, 60 frames per second, who are happy to sit for an hour […]

  • David Perry says that gaming should be more convenient

    David Perry says that gaming should be more convenient for players and the limitless power of cloud computing could help consumers get games easier and eventually lead to less clutter on shelves at home. “Facebook is a really good example of how data ownership is changing,” Perry told attendees at Develop. “People don’t really care […]

  • GameQuarry declares Ubisoft to be "least consistent" publisher

    GameQuarry has published a list of the most and least consistent publishers according to review scores. Rockstar is at the top, Ubisoft at the bottom. The research firm assigned points to each scoring bracket in the Metacritic system. Two points were awarded for games in the 90-100 bracket, 1 point for 80-89, zero for 70-79, […]

  • Dave Perry's twitter says no UMD in "PSP2"

    Acclaim boss David Perry has twittered that Sony is to drop UMD support for “PSP2”. “I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they’ve removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I’m excited!” said Dave. We told you about PSP’s heavily rumoured revamp on Monday, in all its sliding screen wonder. Go […]

  • "Day of single-player games are numbered", says Dave Perry

    Acclaim boss Dave Perry said at DICE yesterday that single-player games will not be able to compete with online free-to-play games. The creator of Earthworm Jim told the crowd that “the days of single-player games are numbered,” and added that his company’s focus is “entirely on multiplayer.” More over on Gamasutra.

  • GDC 2009: Wright, Harrison and Pardo confirmed for Perry's Luminaries Lunch

    It’s so on. VG247 has learned this morning that Will Wright, Warren Spector, Neil Young, Rob Pardo and Phil Harrison are all confirmed for Dave Perry’s Luminaries Lunch at GDC next month. The chat takes place on March 25 at 1.00pm PST. The inaugural event at last year’s GDC bore witness to some spectacular quotes […]

  • Sony has lost more on the PS3 than it made on the PS2, says Perry

    Speaking at the Games Convention Developers Conference this afternoon, industry stalwart Dave Perry said that Sony has lost more money selling PlayStation 3s than it made selling PlayStation 2s during the entire five years of its peak. Perry backed up the statement quoting statistics that he obtained from research firm, DFC Intelligence. He added that […]

  • Free games will beat piracy, says Perry

    Speaking after collecting an honourary doctorate in Belfast, Dave Perry has claimed that piracy can be beaten through making games free. “The next big thing will be free games,” he said, citing Asian success for the model. “They had so much piracy that they decided to stop charging for the games. Instead, there’ll be a […]

  • GDC: Dave Perry's Luminary Lunch - full report

    Dave “Shiny” Perry decided to arrange lunch at a posh San Francisco hotel for some industry luminaries, and let us sit in on it. The session, which was hosted by ex-PC Gamer editor Gary Whitta, was attended by Sony’s Phil Harrison, EA’s Neil Young, Peter Molyneux, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor, Mr Perry himself, and […]

  • 70 million user MMO can happen, says "Acclaim 2.0" boss Dave Perry

    David Perry, previously of Matrix-developer Shiny and now of the reborn Acclaim, has told videogaming247 that he believes the MMO space is led by an “extremely nerdy” game in World of Warcraft and that an attitude shift is needed for the genre to break out into the mainstream proper. “I believe there’s a 70 million […]

  • Perry "stunned" by Marvel MMO canning

    According to this, Dave Perry – long-standing developer of dozens of games, including the Matrix titles – was more than a little shocked that Microsoft recently decided to bin Cryptic’s Marvel MMO. “That is stunning to me, absolutely stunning to me,” he said. “Marvel, as a property, is more mass-market than World of Warcraft.” He […]

  • Perry receives honorary Queen's degree alongside Tony Blair

    Go Dave. David Perry is to receive an honorary degree from Queen’s University alongside the likes of Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern for “distinction in computer game development and design”. He gets a DSc in engineering. We had dinner with Dave last year at GDC, and he’s a very nice man indeed. So congratulations to […]

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