Darren Jobling

Eutechnyx boss fears the “decimation of the British game development community”

Darren Jobling, business development director at Eutechnyx, has told GI is worried that the UK development community is about to enter it’s demise.“I think we’ll see more consolidation between publishers and developers, and more mergers,” he said. “I also think we’ll see a lot more closures in terms of publisher-owned studios. Some publishers see remote […]

12 years ago

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  • Eutechnyx: Europe's games industry has been "decimated"

    Eutechnyx’s Darren Jobling has issued a stark warning on the issue of American domination of publishing and development, saying that both the creative and business side of the European games industry is in dire straights.“The games industry is currently a US dominated industry, everything we had left in Europe has pretty much been decimated,” he […]

    12 years ago