Dark Salvation

Indie and other games of interest: XIII Century: Death or Glory, Scare Me, REO Speedwagon game

Loads of stuff this week in news for indie and other games of interest.REO Speedwagon’s music has been used for a new game, Dark Salvation has a demo, PC specs for RTS game XIII Century: Death or Glory were released, and you can also find out how to scare the crap out of your pals […]

11 years ago

Dark Salvation headlines

  • Dark Salvation screens and concept art

    We’ve been ignoring this all week, for some reason. You can find art and screens of Dark Salvation here. Mangled Eye has been working on the Quake III Arena engine-powered shooter for seven years, apparently, but it planning to release the game this year.Players in Dark Salvation take control of a dead woman as she […]

    13 years ago