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  • Max Payne 3 multiplayer to have "elements of story in it"

    Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser and lead writer of Max Payne 3 has told Variety that the title’s multiplayer will contain story elements from the game’s main narrative.

  • Quick quotes: Lack of info flow from Rockstar titles due to need to keep them "special," says Houser

    “It’s really important to us that the games (feel) kind of magical. It might annoy people that we don’t give out more information, but I think the end point is people enjoy the experience. … The less they know about how things are pieced together and how things are broken down and what our processes […]

  • Quick Quotes: Rockstar "deliberately avoiding" developing a FPS, says Houser

    “We’re deliberately avoiding [first-person shooters] right now. It’s in our DNA to avoid doing what other companies are doing. I suppose you could say that Max Payne 3 is something close to an FPS, but there are really unique aspects to the setting and gameplay there, too, not just in the story. You have to […]

  • Rockstar's future will be to "continue doing new things," says Houser

    Rockstar creative boss Dan Houser has said “new things” will form the backbone of the company’s upcoming projects.

  • Houser: GTA III "wasn't about violence; it was about freedom"

    Dan Houser, co-founder and vice president of creativity at Rockstar, has said his studio’s open-world GTA games aren’t about violence, but a way to provide players with a medium where freedom of choice is a constant.

  • GTA III initially not set in New York-themed city, says Rockstar's Houser

    Grand Theft Auto III ended up being in Liberty City, the New York-like city from the series, but that may note have been the case, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has told IGN.

  • Houser brothers make MediaGuardian 100 2011

    Rockstar co-founders Dan and Sam Houser have made this year’s Top 100 MediaGuardian 2011 hitlist, the publication announced last night.

  • Rockstar's Houser: "Movies made from games are awful"

    Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser has said any films based on the developer’s properties would have to be produced in-house or in close collaboration, because they generally turn out as total rubbish.

  • Rockstar's Dan Houser spills on RDR zombies

    Creative director and co-founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, has opened up to GameSpot about the decision to flood the sober, western world of Red Dead Redemption with “inherently ridiculous” zombies.

  • Houser: Red Dead Redemption development has been "challenging"

    Rockstar co-president Dan Houser has said development of Red Dead Redemption has been “challenging”, but insisted the wait will be worth it.

  • Houser: Games are an "easy enemy"

    Speaking in a interview with The Times, Rockstar co-president has said that games are “a popular and easy enemy.” It comes as the latest media criticism is aimed squarely at Modern Warfare 2 for it’s airport level. “Look, video games are a popular and easy enemy. It’s all part and parcel of doing something that’s […]

  • Rockstar on GTA V: We need to think of characters and the city first

    Speaking in a interview with The Times, Rockstar co-president Dan Houser has admitted that they would need to think of the main location and the main characters for Grand Theft Auto V before it goes into pre-development. It’s really the first we’ve heard of any kinds of development work in GTA V, although a location […]

  • Houser - Gay Tony must hit discs to get to "more people"

    Rockstar’s Dan Houser reckons GTA IV’s DLC episodes have to come to discs because digital distribution for larger items just isn’t there yet. “I know, as a consumer, I’m more comfortable buying songs, which are almost like playing a jukebox, than I am buying movies as purely digital items,” Houser told USA Today. “We all […]

  • Rockstar: No plans to make movies based on Grand Theft Auto

    Rockstar does not plan on turning the Grand Theft Auto series into a movie franchise any time soon. As a matter of fact, vice president Dan Houser says the prospect of one considered, and then quickly tossed aside. “We don’t believe that the Grand Theft Auto games, which are massive in scope and structurally complex, […]

  • Houser: Red Dead Redemption multiplay to include "charging around on horses"

    Red Dead Redemption is to have multiplayer containing stagecoaches and trains, Rockstar’s Dan Houser’s told IGN. “Charging around on horses and stagecoaches and trains, shooting each other in a multiplayer world,” said Houser. “It’s pretty epic, but it’s not finalized to talk about in any more detail than that. We’re still learning a lot as […]

  • Housers head up to Time 100

    Time’s put Sam and Dan Houser in the “artists and entertainment” section of its most influential people in the world issue, saying the pair have offered “quantum leaps in genre-defining fun”. Their work’s on a par with that of Dickens, apparently: “But what makes the Housers’ creation unparalleled is that their games have a take […]

  • Housers to receive 2,849,003 shares in Take-Two stock

    Kotaku’s noticed that the Houser brothers were confirmed getting a Take-Two stock windfall of 2,849,003 shares in last night’s Q1 financials, which equates to roughly $18 million. Nice work if you can get it. The Housers are now tied into producing games for the company until 2012. With profit share included, obviously. Get the rest […]

  • Houser: Freedom worth more than respect

    Rockstar boss Dan Houser’s told the Telegraph that writing games allows more freedom than creating movies and books, despite the fact other mediums are more respected. “I hope it’s long,” he said when asked on what timescale he thought games would be given the same respect as other mediums. “It’s really fun at the moment […]

  • Take-Two signs GTA talent up to 2012

    Take-Two’s resigned Rockstar’s big bosses into contracts lasting to 2012, with the new agreements involving elements of profit-sharing. Sam Houser, Dan Houser and Leslie Benzies have all inked the new deal. Unsurprisingly, the publisher has also agreed to fund future GTA games. “The entire Rockstar team has always been dedicated to making groundbreaking games with […]

  • Houser "not sure" if GTA IV DLC will make this year

    Dan Houser’s told Variety that he’s unsure whether or not the 360 version of GTA IV will get its exclusive DLC this year – we’ve been told it won’t – and that Rockstar’s wary of hyping the content too much in case people begin to think “it’s this enormous thing that it can never be.” […]

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