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Video: Part 3 of the Behind-the-Scenes series for MotorStorm Arctic Edge

SCEA producer, Daimion Pinnock, has posted a video over on the US PS Blog for MotorStorm Arctic Edge. In Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making Of: Part 3, viewers will get “exclusive insight into the development” of the PSP title, as they tag along with Bigbig Studios to wild wonderful Alaska. Also, those that watch will […]

10 years ago

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  • More WipEout HD movies and interview ramp up to release

    Getting closer. Sony’s put out a new official WipEout HD trailer, giving more hope that we’re going to see the game this month. In addition, Gamespot’s interviewed SCEA producer Daimion Pinnock on the game, which is looking extremely finished, if we’re being honest. Last but by no means least, IGN’s posted four new direct feed […]

    11 years ago