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Fable II is Telegraph’s game of the year

Lionhead’s Fable II is the Daily Telegraph’s game of the year, leading a list of 50 potential candidates.The UK paper put Fallout 3 at second and LittleBigPlanet at third. GTA IV managed a paltry seventh: probably wasn’t the right sort, if you catch my drift, sah.Get the full top 50 after the break. Thanks, MCV.

12 years ago

Daily Telegraph headlines

  • Telegraph story claiming SITE was "red-faced" after Fallout 3 al-Qaeda gaff vanishes following "legal wrangling"

    British newspaper the Daily Telegraph has seemingly removed a story from its website claiming extremist monitoring agency SITE was left “red-faced” after it circulated a piece of Fallout 3 art as al-Qaeda propaganda.The original story URL now brings up a 404 error.Videogaming247.com has been told by Telegraph editorial staff this morning that “lots of legal […]

    13 years ago
  • Pathetic Telegraph launches assault at Byron Report

    Family values idiot-paper, The Daily Telegraph, “The Daily Mail with more syllables”, has launched a fantastic attack on Tanya Byron, the ex-TV psychologist charged with compiling a government report on violent games and child internet use.In an editorial titled ” Tanya Byron, splatting aliens and sociopaths”, Jim White writes, “I may not be a television […]

    13 years ago
  • Idiotic newspaper writes story about Wii and prison

    Right wing Tory hate-rag, The Daily Telegraph, has posted this ridiculous story about “foreign criminals”, “serving time for offences including rape and murder”, enjoying “computer games, five-aside football with cash prizes and televisions in every cell”.“Some detainees have Nintendo Wiis. If the consoles go wrong staff are sent to the nearest Argos to pick up […]

    13 years ago