Fuudo wins SSFIV AE EVO championship, Daigo beasted

The Beast himself Daigo Umehara lost out on retaining his Street Fighter IV championship for a third time, as Japan’s Fuudo took home the crown.

10 years ago

Daigo headlines

  • Watch Evo 2011 fight tournament in PlayStation Home

    The fighting game competition begins on Friday July 29 and runs until the end of the weekend with players competing for cash and kudos across several high profile fight game franchises. You can watch all the action from the comfort of your virtual home.

    10 years ago
  • Daigo is first SFIV world champion

    Daigo’s been crowned the world’s first Street Fighter IV champion, as you can see from this Kineda report.Justin Wong won the US competition, but there was no stopping the Beast: he won 4-0 in the final.Hit the link. There’s some beautiful photography through there.

    12 years ago