Cursed Mountain

Cursed Mountain sees middling scores ahead of Friday launch

Koch’s Wii survival horror’s taking a bit of a sacking at review ahead of its launch this week.The Himalayan adventure, set in the late 1980s, follows a mountaineer as he searches for his lost brother.Things don’t go very well, obviously. Do as thou wilt. Meristation – 7.5/10 IGN – 7.5/10 Gamespot – 7.5/10 GamerVision – […]

12 years ago

Cursed Mountain headlines

  • Cursed Mountain commercials show frightened people

    Nintendo has released some small commercials featuring people playing Deep Silver’s survival horror title Cursed Mountain.Luckily, GoNintendo has posted a mash up so we don’t have to feature every single one. The Wii exclusive is slated for an August 29 and September 9 release in the US and UK respectively.Watch after the break.

    12 years ago
  • Cursed Mountain video shows a cold and scary Himalayan mountain

    Deep Silver has released a video for the Wii exclusive horror title, Cursed Mountain.The Himalayas aren’t all snow leopards, goats, and lovely vistas, apparently.In the video, main character Simmons has found that the ancient artifact his brother Frank was hired to look for is more than it seems. Watch him encounter souls in limbo and […]

    12 years ago