Crysis Wars

Crysis Wars free trial coming next weekend

Next weekend, Crytek’s holding another free weekend for Crysis Wars. Come August 28, players can play the full version of the game online for no cost. Players who have logged online into the game before, will get their CD Keys reactivated for the next free trial. Crytek has promised more information next week before the […]

Crysis Wars headlines

  • Crysis Wars free trial begins today

    Crysis Wars is free to play from now until April 17. All modes and all of the game’s 23 maps are available, so you really may as well. It won’t cost you a bean. EA and Crytek are to release a Crysis Maximum Edition in May, including all the Crysis game for £30. Details after […]

  • Crysis Wars getting another free-to-play week beginning April 9

    Beginning April 9, Crysis Wars will be free-to-play for one week. This is the game’s third such trial period. If you played during the previous free weeks and still have your key, it’ll be reactivated, apparently. More information is expected on Monday.

  • Crysis Wars free to play for 10 days

    According to this IGN piece, Crysis Wars will be free to play from December 19 to December 28. All you have to do to get busy with the Crytek multiplayer shooter completely gratis, is go to, download the game, register and use the resulting key to join the servers. So get to it.

  • Rumour: Crysis Warhead carrying limited installs

    God. Here we go again. This GameExtract piece is carrying an image supposedly taken from the install process of Crysis Warhead which includes the line, “The first end user of this License can install and authenticate CRYSIS WARHEAD on a set number of machines.” No idea if this is legit or not, but seeing as […]

  • Crysis Warhead confirmed for Steam release

    Crytek and Valve confirmed overnight that you’ll be able to buy Crysis Warhead over Steam. Good news. “The millions of gamers logging into Steam every week to play today’s best PC games are going to love Crysis Warhead,” said Crytek boss Avni Yerli. “Crytek Hungary has done a terrific job creating this new experience while […]

  • Crysis Wars - first trailer and proper details

    Gamespot’s posted up a first Q&A with Crytek on Crysis Wars, the mutiplayer component of Crysis sequel Warhead, which is now confirmed for a September release. As you can see from the video after the break, Crysis Wars is heavy on the vehicles, and there’s talk in the Q&A of new environments, new multiplayer modes, […]

  • Crysis Warhead multiplayer mode revealed

    Crysis Warhead’s multiplayer aspect, apparently named Crysis Wars, has been revealed through an EA Store listing for the shooter, VideoGamesBlogger reports. Read what you’re going to get with online play in the next Crysis game through the link.