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  • New Crysis: Warhead shots double the pretty

    On 4Gamer. It’s looking good, Ringo. And assuming Crytek wasn’t fibbing about the knock-down in system requirements, it should be this pretty on far lesser systems than were necessary for Crysis. Take a look. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • New Crysis: Warhead shots released

    On Rockets, an armoured lorry, a first-person perspective: it’s the game that’s got it all. Take a look at the original res shots – the “Bild in Originalgröße” link to the bottom left of each one – for some daft detail. We’re still waiting for a release date for this.

  • New Crysis Warhead shots posted

    On GamersHell. The screens were released as part of the EA E3 press conference lats night. Lots of shooting there. And a helicopter. What more could you want?

  • Crysis Warhead multiplayer mode revealed

    Crysis Warhead’s multiplayer aspect, apparently named Crysis Wars, has been revealed through an EA Store listing for the shooter, VideoGamesBlogger reports. Read what you’re going to get with online play in the next Crysis game through the link.

  • New Crysis: Warhead shots released

    On GameInfoWire. Shooting, explosions, everything else you’d expect. Still no word on whether or not this is going to be cheaply priced in Europe, as it is in the US. Take a look.

  • EA announces massive Holiday 08 roster

    EA has just announced a giant line-up for Holiday 2008, and it’s hard to be unimpressed. There is, quite fairly, something for everyone. Big boss John agrees. “EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA head John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce […]

  • Hands-on with Crysis: Warhead, $30 price confirmed, new movies

    IGN’s posted up some hands-on impressions of Crysis: Warhead which confirms that the game will ship for $30, as reported yesterday. From the piece: And the best news is that even though Warhead is a full game, IGN has confirmed that it’s going to have the price of an expansion pack. At E3, EA will […]

  • Crysis Warhead hardly breaking the bank at $29.99

    Crysis Warhead may not be an expansion pack, but its price tag might just fool a few potential buyers. Outlets like Amazon and GameStop have listed the game at a piggy bank-friendly price of $29.99. Early impressions have pegged the title as a fully-featured side story to the original Crysis, so if you have a […]

  • First Crysis: Warhead footage released

    After the break. Shows an awful lot of things blowing up. Looks far more “warry” than Crysis, as previously reported. See for yourself. Expect plenty more from E3.

  • IGN goes hands-on with Crysis: Warhead, shots included

    Update: There’s some more info on Tiscali Games, taken from PC Gamer. Update 2: The first trailer’s been released. See here. Here. All sounding good: “In many ways Warhead is a different game than Crysis. The easiest way to think of Warhead is that it is Crysis with the action ramped up to 11. This […]

  • Crytek: Warhead will run at high settings on a €400 PC

    In a German language interview with PC Games, Crytek boss Cervat Yerli has said that Crysis: Warhead will run at high settings, at 30-35 frames per second on a €400 PC. Yerli also says that the changes the firm’s made to the engine may also be applied to Crysis. Thanks, Sebastian.

  • Even more Crysis: Warhead shots posted

    Blimey. Don’t show people your games and expect them to stay off the internet, publisher types. People just don’t care. InCrysis has posted more screens of the upcoming shooter, despite an official shots making light of day yet. It’s a no holds barred Crysis: Warhead hopscotch dingdong, and everyone’s invited. See for yourself.

  • Crysis: Warhead - decent shots

    There’s a couple of half-decent Crysis: Warhead screens on NeoGaf, which make up in part for the shocky shots we saw from Tiscali Games last night. Have a look, see.

  • First Crysis Warhead screens posted

    They’re small, and the quality’s fucking terrible, but you can (just) see what’s going on. On Tiscali Games. Expect the first direct-feed stuff at the end of this month.

  • Crytek: All future releases will be cross-platform

    Speaking to Next-Gen, Crytek’s engine business manager, Harald Seeley, has explained the reasoning of bringing Crysis Warhead to PC after studio boss Cevat Yerli previously said the company would never do another PC exclusive. Warhead will be the last, apparently. “When Cevat said we would not create new PC exclusives, he was referring to any […]

  • Crysis Warhead will support Games for Windows Live

    According to this report, the newly-announced Crysis Warhead will support Games for Windows Live when it release this autumn. The info’s taken from the game’s boxart, which shows the Games For Windows Live logo. The site surmises this means the PC FPS sequel will feature support for GamerTags, Friends lists, Achievements “and more”.

  • PC Gamer US gets first look at Crysis Warhead, cover

    PC Gamer US has shown it’ll have the first look at Crysis Warhead in next issue, due out June 24. “This announcement answers a lot of questions,” says the mag, “like why did Crytek cancel plans for a Crysis 1.3 patch (’cause they’re too busy building an awesome new game!) – but asks so many […]

  • First Crysis Warhead screens in late June, early July

    Speaking to videogaming247, EA has confirmed that the first screens of newly-announced Crytek shooter Crysis Warhead will be be released around the end of this month. “We’re going to have some screens end of June, early July,” said a PR rep. The company was cagey on further details on the game, however, pointing to the […]

  • Crysis Warhead is "parallel story to Crysis", PC-only

    EA’s formally announced Crysis Warhead, a PC-only standalone game with a parallel story to the original Crysis. The game will release this autumn, and follows Sergeant Sykes – ‘Psycho’ from Crysis – as he shoots things on the other side of the first title’s island. New weapons and vehicles will be included, and new multiplayer […]

  • Crytek launches Crysis Warhead site: first image

    It’s here. There are no details at all, other than the first teaser image of a man with a pistol. You’ll just have to wait, from the look of it. Crytek first registered the Crysis Warhead trademark back in March.

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