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  • Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus now live

    Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus is now live. The update finds both Federation and Klingon Captains working alongside Romulan leader D’Tan to search for a new home world for the Romulan refugees.

  • Star Trek Online Season 7 adding Gateway tool for PC, mobile & tablet

    Star Trek Online’s Season 7 update will add a new Gateway tool, an app that will initially offer stat tracking and information about your character via a plethora of devices, and will then expand further in subsequent updates. Developer Cryptic has detailed the app in a new dev blog.

  • Champions Online - the Blood Moon event is back, runs through October 15

    Champions Online’s Blood Moon is back and the Undying Lord Takofanes is once again raising havoc. The Blood Moon event started yesterday, and runs through Monday, October 15. During that time, players can participate in zombie invasions, slaying undead heroes and take on Takofanes. Rewards and a new perk will be handed out as well. […]

  • Star Trek Online dev: 'game reviews don't do MMOs justice', calls for Metacritic reform

    Star Trek Online developer Cryptic has discussed the nature of the free-to-play business and the relationship between MMOs and reviewing websites. The studio suggests that Metacritic find a new method of collectively appraising games within the genre.

  • Neverwinter video shows off the Guardian Fighter tank class

    Neverwinter, the 2013 MMO in development at Cryptic, has a new video available showing off the Guardian Fighter. The tank class pretty much does what tanks do: deals and takes all the damage handed to it while ranged players help the tank chip away at the enemy with loads of pew-pew-pewing. Check out the fighter […]

  • Nighthawk event for Champions Online has gone live

    The Nighthawk event for Champions Online has gone live. It includes a number of “new stealth and gadget-based powers,” including calling in “a deadly Strafing Run.” The video and screens also provide the first look at vehicles in the MMO, and Hawkwing jets are available now.

  • Neverwinter shots and video show off the Blackdagger Keep zone

    Neverwinter is at PAX and Cryptic is showing off the Blackdagger Keep zone in the MMO. The firm has also released a set of screeenshots for the area, as well as a trailer – which we’ve posted courtesy of MMORPG. Neverwinter will release next year.

  • Neverwinter gamescom screens and trailer focus on the Ebon Downs

    Neverwinter is on display at gamescom, and its publisher Perfect World, has sent over screenshots of content in the free-to-play MMO Cryptic is showing at the event. Folks at gamescom are encouraged to stop by the Neverwinter booth and get some hands on time with Storming the Keep, one of the game’s public events set […]

  • Never-before-seen Neverwinter content will be playable at gamescom

    Neverwinter will be on display at gamescom, according to an announcement from Perfect World. Attendees will be given a first-look at unseen content in the free-to-play MMO as well as new features. Hands on time can be spent with Storming the Keep, one of the game’s public events, which is set in the Black Dagger […]

  • Star Trek Online: Talk to Worf, get a haircut

    Because Cryptic Studios is the best, it’s chosen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a little bonus for Star Trek Online players. Hair is involved, I won’t lie.

  • Cryptic recaps E3 2012 with Neverwinter video diary

    Perfect World and Cryptic have released a new video for Neverwinter, featuring the game’s lead producer Andy Velasquez providing you with a re-cap from the E3 2012 show floor. There’s some gamplay shown, as well as look at attendees playing it. Have a watch below. The free-to-play MMO is expected before the end of the […]

  • Cryptic Points converting to Perfect World’s ZEN currency tomorrow

    Just a head up for those who play Star Trek Online of Champions Online: starting tomorrow, July 12, Cryptic Points will convert over to Perfect World’s ZEN currency. The move will squash any confusion over currency by making things simpler. You can learn more here.

  • Champions Online and STO lifetime subs on sale, net access to Neverwinter beta

    Cryptic has announced that lifetime subscribers to Star Trek Online or Champions Online will automatically be give access to the Neverwinter closed beta. Invites will be handed out over the course of the testing period. Those who are interesting in obtaining a lifetime sub for either game can do so until June 29, as the […]

  • Star Trek Online content designer Dan Griffis to depart Cryptic in "a few weeks"

    Star Trek Online content designer Dan “Gozer” Griffis has announced he’s leaving Cryptic Studios to pursue other opportunities. Griffis responded to his departure on the game forums stating: “I will be leaving if a few weeks for a new opportunity. That’s pretty much all of it. It has nothing to do with PvP, STO, or […]

  • Neverwinter designer: "We saw potential to make a game that we liked better"

    Cryptic’s Zeke Sparkes, lead designer on co-operative multiplayer RPG turned MMO Neverwinter, has said the game’s transformation was a matter of discovering what worked.

  • Star Trek Online player starbases to be five tiered

    Lead artist Jeremy Mattson has outlined the conceptual process behind Star Trek Online’s upcoming starbase content. In a developer blog, Mattson describes drawing on the franchise’s visual history, fitting in with Starfleet’s aesthetic, and making the bases grand but not unbelievably so. There’s some pretty lovely space art. Starbases are expected in Season Six. Thanks, […]

  • Star Trek Online adds Ferasans to KDF

    If you really want to play Star Trek Online as an anthropomorphised cat, but feel your heart belongs to the Klingon Defence Force rather than the Federation, today is your lucky day. Cryptic has announced the addition of a new playable race, the Ferasans, as opposed to the existing cat people race, the Caitians. The […]

  • Neverwinter dated for fourth quarter, new screens released

    Perfect World has narrowed down the launch window for Cryptic’s Neverwinter from “2012” to “Q4 2012”.

  • Neverwinter takes an action bent because "it's a whole lot of fun"

    Cryptic Studios is pretty open about why it has risked alienating hardcore D&D fans with an action-style control scheme for Neverwinter: it’s fun.

  • Star Trek Online, Champions Online accounts unlawfully accessed

    Cryptic Studios has asked all Star Trek Online and Champions Online account holders to check and reset their details after discovering an unauthorised intrustion.

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