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IW: MW2 airport scene leak was taken “out of context”

Infinity Ward has warned against judging Modern Warfare 2 on web videos of the game’s now-infamous airport scene, saying leaked movies before release aren’t representative of the full shebang.“What was leaked was out of context, and I encourage people to play the game for themselves and see what they think,” said Chance Glasco, the game’s […]

11 years ago

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  • Infinity Ward reveals cast for Modern Warfare 2

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed some of the actors who will appear in Modern Warfare 2.Keith David, who has starred in many movies, has previously lent his voice to such games as: Halo 2 and 3, Mass Effect, Saints Row 1 and 2, Lords of EverQuest, PlaneScape: Torment, and the original Fallout.Kevin McKidd, who […]

    12 years ago