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Turbine’s console MMO has cost $20 million so far

Turbine’s in-development console MMO has cost $20 million thus far, the studios’ project development VP Craig Alexander has told GDC Austin. The exec also hinted that the game will be free-to-play – an increasingly common model in the MMO market. A release is expected in 2011. No one outside the company knows what the game […]

10 years ago

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  • GDC Austin: Turbine boss says MMOs will "revolutionize" consoles

    Craig Alexander, Turbine’s VP of product development, spoke today at a panel during GDC Austin called “MMOs to Consoles”, saying that the fifth generation of MMOs will be on consoles and even called it a “superior” platform. “It’s the 360 and the PS3 where we really finally have the hardware and the storage capacity to […]

    10 years ago