Council Of Stellar Management

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It’s that time again, only it’s Saturday.

8 years ago

Council Of Stellar Management headlines

  • EVE Online controversy gets resolution

    EVE Online developer CCP was in hot water with its own player base over micro-transactions recently, but has found a resolution after a meeting with user representatives.

    9 years ago
  • EVE player council "pleased" with first CCP summit

    The first democratically elected MMO body, EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management, has put out a press release saying it’s “pleased” with its first meeting with CCP in Iceland. “We had a great dialogue with the developers and they were exceedingly open to our ideas and suggestions and pretty straightforward in explaining technical limitations where […]

    12 years ago
  • EVE Online appoints player-elected council

    EVE has apparently become the first MMO to become governed by a democratically-elected governing body. The Council of Stellar Management has emerged from a proper election, and will consist of nine players and five reservists. The body will effectively act as a bridge between the community and developer CCP, discussing game-related issues with both. Press […]

    12 years ago