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EA: BioWare is “working towards Mass Effect 2”

EA has told videogamer that BioWare is “working towards Mass Effect 2”.“They’ve (BioWare) talked about it being a trilogy,” said the rep. “It’s no surprise that they are working towards Mass Effect 2.”Well, yeah, it isn’t. Especially as it was revealed last week that BioWare devs Dusty Everman and Corey Andruko would be talking about […]

13 years ago

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  • Mass Effect 2 to appear at GDC 09

    According to CMPevents, the sequel to BioWare rather smashing RPG, Mass Effect, will feature at GDC 09.Corey Andruko (Project Manager, BioWare) and Dusty Everman (Lead Technical Designer, BioWare) will be conducting “a session [that] examines the BioWare Mass Effect team’s new level-creation process, which is focused on maximizing iteration for quality while minimizing rework and […]

    13 years ago