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Microsoft brands imminent Xbox 360 price drop as “rumour”

Never saw this coming. Speaking to VG247, Microsoft UK called overnight claims that the European entry level Xbox 360 will drop in price next week “rumour and speculation”. And as you all know by now, ““We don’t comment on rumour or speculation,” the firm said.The story originated on a Dutch site, which claimed Microsoft Europe […]

13 years ago

Core Pack headlines

  • European Xbox 360 price cut rumoured

    According to this, a rumour’s spreading that Microsoft Europe’s readying to drop the price of the Xbox 360 Core pack to €199, making it €50 cheaper than the European Wii. The Dutch site this originated from reckons this is going to happen on February 14, using “a very reliable source close to Microsoft” as the […]

    14 years ago
  • Entry level Xbox 360 for Japanese release

    Microsoft is to release an equivalent to the Core System in Japan on March 6, says this. The machine’s packed with a 256Mb memory unit, a wireless controller and a game pack. Thos lucky Japanese gamers will get the machine for ¥27,800 (£132). Why do gamers in other countries always appear to be “luckier” than […]

    14 years ago