Console Wars

Update from the frontlines of the Console War

Nine months in, we survey the frontlines of the next-gen console war and are astonished by what we see.

Console Wars headlines

  • Xbox One, Xbox 360 most popular Black Friday consoles at Target, Walmart - report

    Xbox One and Xbox 360 reportedly accounted for 61% of all console purchases at target and Walmart over the Thanksgiving sales weekend.

  • Analysts disagree on outcome of US console wars

    A group of analysts have offered differing assessments of the PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360 debate, with Wedbush Morgan’s notorious Michael Pachter predicting the Xbox 360 will win everything forever.

  • Pachter: 3DS will outsell PSP2 as Kinect outsold Move

    It’s never too early to begin another round of console wars, even when one side remains unannounced. Industry analyst Michael pachter has said the 3DS will outsell the PSP2, and called the coming battle “Kinect vs Move all over again”.

  • Mass Effect 2 requires 4.5 GB install on PS3

    Mass Effect 2 hits US PlayStation 3 consoles today, but unless you’ve managed to wheedle a copy ahead of street date you won’t be firing it up at midnight. You’ll need to factor in some sandwich time for the game’s 5.3Gb mandatory install.

  • 2K Marin says console wars "silly," waste creativity

    Console wars. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, said BioShock 2 creative director Jordan Thomas.

  • "Console wars" medals launched

    A few of you lot could do with one of these. Some company or other’s offering up “console war” medals, “that celebrate the memories of endless epic battles, infinite high scores and numerous blistered fingers.” And the wasted years screaming into the void on the internet. Buy some. Ta, UKR.