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  • Company of Heroes 2 shots show tanks in the snow

    Relic has released two more shots for Company of Heroes 2 showing off a tank, and then a larger shots of a tank with more in the background. You like tanks. Have a look below.

  • Company of Heroes 2 implements Order No. 227

    Relic has added Stalin’s Order No. 227 – Not a Step Back – to Company of Heroes 2. To those unfamiliar with the order, it means no commander had the right to retreat without an order lest they be gunned down by their own soldiers.

  • Get Alan Wake and Company of Heroes for cheap this weekend

    GOG and Steam have some nice sales going on at the moment, allowing you to acquire some nice titles and even nicer prices. Here’s just a sampling: GOG – 1C Classics 50% off, Alan Wake 50% off, Steam – Company of Heroes 80% off ($1.99), Avernum Bundle 20% off, and even GameStop has many PC […]

  • Company of Heroes: Campaign Edition on the way to OS-X

    Relic’s WWII RTS series Company of Heroes is heading to the increasingly-not-so-humble Macintosh in compilation form.

  • PC Gamer: Relic developing new Company of Heroes

    The latest issue of PC Gamer is reporting that a new Company of Heroes is in development at Relic. Work on the WWII strategy followup is assumed to be taking place at the same time as Dawn of War III, something which was confirmed to be in the making back at E3 by THQ core […]

  • Company of Heroes Online disables new sign ups

    Company of Heroes Online has disabled sign ups and client downloads ahead of its imminent closure. Ashes to ashes.

  • Two new maps for Company of Heroes Online

    Company of Heroes Online is closing down for good in just a few weeks, but nevertheless we’ve received two new maps to play with in the meantime. That’s dedication – kudos, Relic.

  • Bilson: New Relic RTS to be announced in August

    THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson’s confirmed that the new Relic RTS will be announced in August.

  • Rumour: Company of Heroes Online to close permanently

    The Company of Heroes Online open beta is drawing to a close, but nobody seems very happy about it. A post on the game’s official website contains ominous hints that the multiplayer battler will not see the light of full release.

  • Company of Heroes Online gets new Beach Assault map

    THQ and Relic announced a new map for Company of Heroes Online set on a D-Day inspired beach.

  • Relic's Brian Wood involved in fatal car crash [Update]

    Sad news today regarding Company of Heroes and Relic designer Brian Wood, who died in a car accident on Friday.

  • Company of Heroes Online screens show tanks, UI

    Company of Heroes Online is hitting the US in September, and if you want to get an idea of how it looks you should check out some screens for it.

  • Company of Heroes launching free-to-play in US [UPDATE]

    Update: The official press release on this went live this morning. We’ve added it to the bottom of the post, since the source link seems to have gone dead. Original: THQ will release its free-to-play version of WWII RTS Company of Heroes in the US, says VentureBeat.

  • Company of Heroes titles 75% off on Steam

    Steam has THQ’s Company of Heroes franchise on sale for 75 percent off.

  • Company of Heroes gets Steam discounts

    Company of Heroes has been heavily discounted on Steam, as you can see here. The original game and its two expansions – Opposing Fronts and Men of Valor – now cost £23.49 at 50 percent off. The promotion’s part of a week of THQ deals on the Valve DD platform.

  • Steam puts THQ Collector Pack on sale for $74.99

    Steam has put the THQ Collector Pack up for sale, and it’s a rather decent deal. Until this coming Sunday, you can get the bundle for $74.99, which is 25 percent off the normal $99.99 price tag. Here’s what you’ll get: Company of Heroes Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Frontlines: Fuel of War Full Spectrum […]

  • US PC chart for week ending April 11 - WoW shockingly the clear winner

    World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King has topped the US PC chart for the week ended April 11. What a shock. Here are the top 10 according to NPD, courtesy of Edge: World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor World Of […]

  • Tales of Valor releases, already patched

    Company of Heroes add-on Tales of Valor has shipped, THQ said today. Awesomely, it’s already been patched. Updates for both it and Opposing Fronts are now available. Patches 2.500 and 2.501 add a number of changes and fixes, the full lowdown of which can be found here. Thanks, Blue.

  • Tales of Valor trailer shows SS Tank in action

    A new video for Tales of Valor, the upcoming Company of Heroes expansion, has been released, showing control of an SS Tank at the Battle of Billers-Bocage. You’ll have direct control of the turret and your gunners and tank driver will increase in level over the course of battle. Watch it after the jump. The stand-alone […]

  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor gets first trailer and impressions

    IGN’s gone live with the first impressions of Tales of Valor, the standalone Company of Heroes expansion due for release next year. Snip: Tales of Valor isn’t an expansion that requires you to own CoH; it’s a stand-alone game that focuses on you controlling a handful of units at a time. In fact, this isn’t […]

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