Command & Conquer 3

Shaun White and C&C3 added to Live GoD

Nelson brings word that Shaun White Snowboarding and Command & Conquer 3 have now been added to 360’s Games on Demand service.There’s no pricing through there as it varies by region. Looks as though you can’t get C&C3 in the US, for some reason. Take that, Americans.

12 years ago

Command & Conquer 3 headlines

  • Americans: Pre-order Red Alert 3, get Red Alert 2 free

    EA’s announced pre-order incentives for Red Alert 3 today, the best part of which is that you get Red Alert 2 free with your purchase.It looks as though the offer’s only open to Americans, unfortunately, but if you do happen to live in the Land of the Free, buying from Gamestop, the EA Store of […]

    13 years ago
  • Red Alert beta access bundled with C&C3 pack

    According to this, access to the beta for anticipated strategy update Red Alert 3 will be bundled with a C&C3 Collection pack in the US.The pack contains 45 single-player missions from C&C3, apparently, and loads of other stuff. It sounds like its the only way you’re going to get on the RA3 beta as well, […]

    13 years ago