Shadow of the Colossus movie on the way

According to this FirstShowing story, a Shadow of the Colossus movie is to be developed by producer Kevin Misher (Fighting, Public Enemies, Case 39) at Columbia Pictures. There’s no date through there, or any other detail at all for that matter. Reports of the film containing an awful lot of horse-riding are unconfirmed at this […]

11 years ago

Columbia headlines

  • Microsoft voiding Xbox 360 warranties in Columbia

    Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t take kindly to Xbox 360 users logging into Xbox Live in Columbia. Those who do get their console warranty voided. Since XBL is not official in Columbia, users that log in to the US version aren’t allowed to get repairs performed by tech support. Engadget has more info on their site and […]

    11 years ago
  • Sony movies now available on Netflix 360

    Kotaku’s reporting that Sony Columbia movies are now available for streaming on Xbox 360 via Netflix. The films weren’t there for the launch of NXE due to a licensing issue. We wish there was more to add. But there isn’t.

    11 years ago