Cologne 2009

House: PSPgo feedback positive, initial consumers to benefit

SCEE president Andrew House has told VG247 that initial feedback for PSPgo has been positive, and the consumers who hop on board first will benefit. The console was given prices of $249/€249/¥24,980 when the console was announced back at E3 in June. And only last night did SCEE tell us that it’ll retail for £224.99. […]

Cologne 2009 headlines

  • New shots for MGS: Peace Walker released, co-op mode detailed by Kojima

    Konami had their GC press conference today and none other then creator of the MGS series, the motherfucking man himself, Hideo Kojima was there. He was there to demo Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and it’s co-op abillites for the game. Kojima started off by showing the brand new trailer for the game, which you […]

  • GamesCom: MS's GC press event all in one place

    Oh Peter, you sly dog. Don’t ever change. So, Fable III was announced at the MS conference this morning in Cologne. What else was there? Umm, that was it basically, it was all about Fable III. Although Fable II is coming to Marketplace on September 29. Overall, we’re just happy Fable III is coming at […]

  • MS's GC Press Event: Fable III teaser trailer now live

    Fable III was announced in case you didn’t notice. There was a teaser trailer shown at the MS presser at GamesCom this morning as well. Lucky for you then that the trailer has now gone live! It’s after the jump, thanks to Kotaku.

  • Sony's GC Press Event: Watch the moment the PS3 Slim is revealed

    Pictures dont do this justice. After the jump is the moment SCEI president, Kaz Hirai, steps out on stage and introduces the PS3 Slim to the world, bringing to an end the worst kept secret in all of mankind. He also talks about the price cut as well. From GT.

  • GamesCom: PSP Go to retail in the UK for £225

    A SCEE rep has confirmed to VG247  that the PSP Go will retail in the UK for £224.99. It comes as the platform holder gutted the price of the fat Playstation 3 tonight down to £249, while also sticking on the same price tag for the newly revealed PS3 Slim. We see some special bundles […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: Tretton on the PS3 Slim

    SCEA president Jack Tretton has spoken out on the PS3 Slim and the PS3 price-cut  in a video interview with the US PS Blog for the first time. “We’re extremely pleased that we’ve been able to meet production efficiencies that have allowed us to pass on those savings onto consumers,” said Tretton. “As you know, […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: Minis announced for PSP Go

    Sony announced during their GamesCom conference this evening that a set of mini-games, known simply as Minis, will be available from October 1: the day the PSP Go launches in Europe. They are 100Mb in size and will be available from the PS Store at launch and downloaded directly from the PSP. SCEE president Andrew […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: PS3 finally gets official price cut

    SCEE’s just annoucned the long awaited PS3 price-cut for the Playstation 3. The new prices are €299 in Europe, $299 in the US and 29,980 yen in Japan, nothing yet as far as we know on sterling. The price-cut is effective as of tomorrow. More soon.

  • EA's GC Press Event: Sims series sells over 100 million units

    EA’s confirmed that it’s sold over 100 million Sims games worldwide. This is coming from their GamesCom press conference, which is ongoing right now.

  • Namco Bandai announces GamesCom line-up

    Namco Bandai announced it’s GamesCom line-up this morning. Games confirmed include Tekken 6, Katamari Forever, Tales of Symphonia, Champions Online and more. Here’s the full list: Tekken 6 (Playstation 3/Xbox 360) Dragon Ball: Rising Blast (Playstation 3/Xbox 360) Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo (Wii) One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 (Wii) Tales of Symphonia: Dawn […]