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  • $200 Crysis 2 CE snapped at Swedish retailer

    Crysis 2 looks set to join the collector’s edition next generation club later this year, with a rubber-bound SKU priced at $199.

  • Gran Turismo 5 gets collector's edition

    Sony has revealed that it will be releasing a limited run collector’s edition of Gran Turismo 5 in the US.

  • Fable III confirmed for PC, pricing and CE detailed

    Probably the worst kept secret in games isn’t even pretending any more: Fable III was just confirmed for PC.

  • Report: Silent Hunter 5 recalled in Germany over swastika use

    German website Computerbase is claiming that the special edition of Ubisoft’s Silent Hunter 5 has been recalled over the use of swastikas.

  • Spinny FFXIII Collector's Edition videos released

    Words. They are pointless. Behold the majesty of the animated, exploding FFXIII CE movie triumverate.

  • Win a BioShock 2 Collector's Edition and an "Eve hypo"

    Been a while since we did one of these, so let’s relive the good times. Whoever posts the 1,000th comment on this article wins a BioShock 2 Special Edition for 360 and the following, as relayed by the lovely PR setting this up: “Eve hypo, water bottle, hoodie, vinyl record.” Would you kindly make it […]

  • Amazon - FFXIII Collector's Edition to cost €72’s listing the FFXIII Collector’s Edition at €71.99 ($103).

  • European Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition unveiled, DLC confirmed

    It’s Heavy Rain day! The EU PS Blog just posted up a picture of the game’s European Special Edition, as you can see here. Very cool. It’s boxed in a special ‘rain-effect’ slipcase – thanks to “special embossing” and other “manufacturing tricks” it apparently gives the impression of being streaked with 3D rain-drops. Fancy. Buyers […]

  • Splinter Cell Conviction Collector's Edition has Sam statue, multiplay reveal on December 16

    The Splinter Cell Conviction Collector’s Edition is to feature a Sam Fisher statue when the game releases on February 26, if you can believe that. You probably can. This is what else it’s got: An exclusive Sam Fisher statue The game in a SteelBook case Infiltration Mode: Eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without […]

  • Mass Effect 2 CE revealed, priced, box artified

    BioWare just lifted the lid on its Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition, coming as it will in a tin box. Snazzy. You will get: A “premium, tin case”. The game. A 48-page hardcover “Art of Mass Effect 2” book Issue 1 of the Mass Effect Redemption comic. A bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes and making-of videos. […]

  • Dragon Age CE goes exclusively to GAME

    GAME’s grabbed the exclusive on Dragon Age’s Collector’s Edition in the UK. Both the PS3 and 360 versions of BioWare’s super-box cost £49.99. It costs £39.99 on PC. What you get: Plastic Collectors Box Bonus DVD with a ‘Making of’ documentary, Soundtrack, Trailers, Wallpaper, Concept Art Video and Strategy tips 3 pieces of exclusive in-game […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope CE detailed, photographed

    Square just detailed the PAL collector’s edition of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, releasing next Friday. Here’s what you get, according to the press release after the break: Limited edition STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope Box: Unique ‘digistack’ packaging with dual gatefold, inside a special collector’s sleeve. STAR OCEAN Soundtrack Compilation CD: The STAR OCEAN […]

  • God of War III CE survey hints at PS2 games on the disc

    Sony’s put up a God of War III collector’s edition survey, including a question about including the previous two games on the PS3 title’s Blu-ray. The inclusion of the PS2 titles would probably stamp another “must-own” logo on the game’s box, to go along with the other 20, so hit the link and tell Sony […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band CE detailed

    Gamestop just sent out a customer email detailing the contents of the Beatles: Rock Band collector’s edition. It’s going to pack the game; a Höfner Bass controller, Beatlesque and Ludwig-branded Rock Band drums with pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and vintage replica drumhead, plus a microphone with stand and “additional special content.” It’s out […]

  • Street Fighter IV: Collector's Edition shown for both console formats

    Capcom’s put out images of the Collector’s Editions of both the 360 and PS3 version of Street Fighter IV. There’s some serious collecting to be done there, figurines and all. See them after the break. Game’s out on February 2.

  • Resi 5 CEs to get console-specific extras

    According to this CVG report, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the Resident Evil 5 Collectors Editions will contain different extras. The PS3 SKU contains a making-of documentary, the the 360 version will come with a metal case and a soundtrack CD. Decisions. Game’s out in March. More through there.

  • Resident Evil 5 comes forward a week in Japan, gets CE

    Kotaku’s reporting that Resident Evil 5’s release date’s been moved forward a week in Japan. The game will now come out on March 5, apparently “due to shortened development time.” The title’s western release is unchanged at March 13. In addition, there’s some shots on the site of the Collector’s Edition on the site, and […]

  • Halo Wars to hit in February, CE to include Mythic map pack

    Microsoft’s confirmed that Halo Wars is to release in February. The Collector’s Edition will include the Halo 3 Mythic map pack, featuring three maps, a badge to sew on you knapsack and some other stuff you probably shouldn’t care about. More on Joystiq.

  • Fable II CE culled even further

    Oh. Dear. According to this Kotaku piece, Game’s sent out emails in the UK informing that “the developer diary and soundtrack are no longer going to be available on the bonus DVD” of the Fable II Collector’s Edition. This comes after Wednesday’s news that the “premium box, five printed fate cards, and Hobbe figure will […]

  • Fable II Collector's Edition gets stuff removed, price dropped

    Lionhead’s confirmed that “due to supply chain issues,” the “premium box, five printed fate cards, and Hobbe figure will not be available” as part of the Fable II Collector’s Edition. “We apologize for any inconvenience,” said the firm. The US price for the pack has dropped $10, from $79.99 to $69.99. A bit of a […]

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