Cold Storage

Get CoLD SToRAGE electronica and gaming music albums for £1 each

Musician Tim Wright, a.k.a. CoLD SToRAGE, who has written videogame music since the early 90s and most recently for Gravity Crash, is having a sale on his music over on Bandcamp.

Cold Storage headlines

  • Gravity Crash Anthems gets downloadable release

    Retro shooter Gravity Crash’s soundtrack is now available, Just Add Water’s announced.

  • Cold Storage Halo 3 map now live

    The Major tells us that the free Bungie Day Halo 3 map, Cold Storage, is now available on Xbox Live. That’s “free”. So you have no excuse.

  • Full Bungie Day treat details released

    Update: The Theme and Gamerpics are on Live now. Microsoft’s just put out a press releasing detailing everything gamers can expect to see from Bungie next Monday, or “Bungie Day” as July 7’s commonly known. As previously reported, new Halo 3 map Cold Storage will be made available for free and the Legendary Map Pack […]

  • New Halo 3 map to be freely available on July 7

    Bungie’s announced that the upcoming Halo 3 map, Cold Storage, will be available for free on July 7. There’s going to be a price drop for the Legendary Map Pack on the same day as well. “Additionally, on 7/7, Microsoft is dropping the price of the Legendary Map Pack from 800 spacebucks to 600 spacebucks,” […]

  • Bungie releases new Cold Storage screens

    Bungie’s released new shots of the recently announced Halo 3 map, Cold Storage. See them on X3F. No date on release as yet, but anything’s better than nothing when Halo 3’s concerned.

  • New Halo 3 map Cold Storage revealed at MLG San Diego

    X360F is reporting that Bungie announced a new Halo 3 multiplayer map – entitled Cold Storage – at the Major League Gaming 08 event in San Diego yesterday. Not much is known about the level apart from the fact that it’s a remake of the hugely popular Chill Out map from Halo 1. Images here. […]