Humble Bundle for Android adds five more incentive titles

The fourth Humble Indie Bundle for Android has upped the ante in its final week.

9 years ago

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  • Humble Indie Bundle adds five more games

    Over its brief life span the Humble Indie Bundle has brought PC gamers some of the best deals in recorded PC gaming history. Now in its fourth incarnation, the HIB4 is digging deep for new levels of awesomeness, and somehow they managed it.Buying the HIB4 for more than the average price paid by others ($5.17 […]

    10 years ago
  • Steam puts indie games on sale with the Potato Sack bundle

    Steam has slashed prices on 13 indie games via a bundle called the Potato Sack.

    10 years ago
  • D2D indie sale includes Zeno Clash, Defense Grid, more

    Direct2Drive has a fabulous indie sale going on at the moment.It’s a bundle consisting of five games for one price.For just $17.75 you’ll get: Defense Grid, The Path, Zeno Clash, Democracy 2 and Cogs.Hell, Zeno Clash is worth that all by it’s lonesome.No end date for the sale was listed, but it shan’t last too […]

    12 years ago