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  • Club Nintendo sold out of Gold Nunchuk

    Sorry, friends – that Golden Nunchuk is now beyond you. The limited edition Wii and Wii U peripheral was added to Club Nintendo’s US line-up just ten days ago and has already sold out. Nintendo says it hopes to have the shiny controller back in stock one day, so keep hoarding your points against this […]

  • Gold Nunchuk added to Club Nintendo US rewards

    Our US brethren can finally get their hands on Club Nintendo’s Gold Nunchuk. The special edition peripheral has been a staple of the Japanese rewards scheme for some time, but has only just been added to the Nintendo of America line up. It’ll set you back 900 coins, which is significantly more than the Japanese […]

  • US Club Nintendo members get 100 coins when buying New Super Mario Bros. 2 from eShop

    Nintendo has announced Club Nintendo members in North American will receive 100 club coins when downloading New Super Mario Bros. 2 from the eShop when it releases August 19. The deal is only available until September 20, though, so you’ll have to be quick about it. Should you opt for the physical copy instead, you’ll […]

  • Club Nintendo July deals are now live

    The July offerings for Club Nintendo members have been announced, and instead of the usual three to four game selection that Nintendo provides users with, it’s fronted only two this month – Mario Tennis (150 coins, WiiWare) and Electroplankton Rec-Rec (100 coins, 3DS). What’s surprising is that both the deals lapse before the month ends […]

  • Club Nintendo coins and rewards getting a shake up next month

    Nintendo is changing the Club Nintendo reward values for registration surveys. DSi registrations will drop in value, while on the software side, many older DS and Wii game will now give significantly fewer coins. On the up side, most recent major 3DS first- and third-party titles will see an increase. Find all the details here; […]

  • Club Nintendo members can purchase downloadable games with Coins

    According the US Club Nintendo website, members will soon be able to buy Virtual Console and 3D Classics titles with Coins earned from purchases.

  • Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo users are getting free gifts

    NOA has announced the exclusive gifts it’s to hand out to both Gold and Platinum members of Club Nintendo who earned 300 or 600 Coins between July 1, 2010 and June 3, 2011. Platinum folks will get 25 pins which are Super Mario-centric, along with a puzzle box that contains and image of Mario, a […]

  • Platinum Club Nintendo members get commemorative pin set

    If you reached a certain number of points by registering Nintendo games online this year you’ll have this set of Mario-themed pins coming.

  • Free Ocarina of Time soundtrack CD through Club Nintendo

    Club Nintendo members and new sign-ups can score a free soundtrack CD by registering new copies of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

  • Nintendo dishes out AR shirts to early 3DS adopters

    Nintendo Europe has unveiled a cool bonus for the first customers to register their 3DS consoles on the Club Nintendo website this Friday – an Augmented Reality card-impregnated t-shirt.

  • SNES Wii controller (sort of) releasing in UK

    The classic Wii-compatible SNES pad, exclusive to Japan since 2007, is finally releasing in the UK through Nintendo’s loyalty program, Club Nintendo.

  • American Club Nintendo bonuses listed

    According to Nintendo, American Club Nintendo members who have earned 300 or more Coins (six Wii game purchases) have been granted Gold status and will receive a special 2010 calendar. Those who have accumulated 600 or more Coins are now Platinum and entitled to a members-only bonus which includes the following choice of prizes: Doc […]

  • Americans get early look at DSi

    American Club Nintendo members are being invited to pre-launch DSi events, GoNintendo reports. It looks as though you need to be a Platinum member to be in with a chance of getting invited. The events are taking place in New York, Florida and elsewhere. There’s no word on anything similar happening outside the US. DSi […]

  • Club Nintendo Australia now open

    The Australian version of Club Nintendo‘s now open for business, according to IGN. And serious business it is too. Register now for a free 250 points. Spend them on face towels, Wii-mote holders or any other one of the total of five items listed. Or not, obviously.

  • Club Nintendo launches in the US

    Nintendo’s confirmed the launch of Club Nintendo in America. See it here. “Club Nintendo gives fans what they want – access to exclusive rewards for their loyalty to our brand and our products,” said NoA’s Cammie Dunaway. “We’re offering some unique items as a way to say thanks for their support of Nintendo.” Press release […]

  • US Club Nintendo almost goes live

    According to this IGN story, the American version of Club Nintendo went live briefly yesterday, showing off a few of the products punters will be able to get by registering their DS and Wii games. Shit-your-pants exciting stuff seen was a Game & Watch Collection for DS at 800 “coins”, a DS game carrying case […]

  • US Club Nintendo rewards "weighted more toward physical goods"

    The American Club Nintendo is going to be designed to allow fans to get actual, real things in the post, NoA’s Cammie Dunaway told MTV this week. “It’s weighted more toward physical goods: more like the Japanese program than the European which is pretty much digital,” she said. The US version of Nintendo’s reward scheme […]

  • Club Nintendo confirmed for US

    Club Nintendo will launch in America, Nintendo’s confirmed today. According to this Destructoid piece, the loyalty system will debut in the US “this Holiday season.” No other details, unfortunately.

  • Nintendo to erase Club Nintendo Stars

    Nintendo has sent out an email to Club Nintendo members saying that all the Stars saved up as part of the company’s loyalty scheme will start to expire at the end of June. “Per the Terms and Conditions of the Nintendo Loyalty Program, some users’ Stars will begin expiring at the end of June,” the […]

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