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  • Gaikai signs EA, moves into 2011

    Gaikai has announced it’s struck a multi-year deal with EA to include some of its more popular PC titles when the service launches.

  • OnLive subscription service will draw customers to Gaikai, says Perry

    David Perry has said that OnLive’s pricing model will cause gamers to flock to his free cloud service, Gaikai.

  • Ballmer hints around about future forms of Xbox 360, talks cloud

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been chatting again, and you know what that means – speculative Xbox 360 talk. This time, it has to do with new forms of the console, along with changing price points.

  • Video interview - Perry on Gaikai, service for Q1 2010 launch after closed beta

    Cloud gaming service Gaikai is aiming for launch in early 2010 after a closed beta, creator David Perry told VG247 at Develop in Brighton today. “If it all goes to plan we’re looking at the first quarter of 2010, and there’ll be a closed beta before that,” he said. “As of last night we have […]

  • Wedbush: OnLive tech "will ultimately be widely adopted"

    Wedbush Morgan said in a report today that “OnLive could change the landscape” of gaming, and that its preview of the service at GDC left onlookers “blown away”. “It is not clear to us that OnLive will dominate any time soon, but we are confident that this breakthrough technology will ultimately be widely adopted,” said […]

  • Spector: I changed Will Wright's mind on importance of Cloud gaming

    Warren Spector convinced Will Wright at GDC that Cloud gaming’s going have a giant impact on the trade. The famed developers went toe-to-toe on the issue during the Luminaries Lunch at the Californian show last month. “For the first time in my life, at least, I actually got Will Wright to admit that I was […]

  • Crytek - Cloud gaming "might" be workable from 2013 onwards

    Crytek boss Cevat Yerli’s told GI it doesn’t expect Cloud gaming to be viable until at least 2013. “We had our research in 2005 on this subject but we stopped around 2007 because we had doubts about economics of scale. But that was at a time when bandwidth was more expensive,” he said. “We saw […]

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