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Gears screenwriter says he pictured “The Rock” when writing lead role

Gears of War screenwriter Chris Morgan has told MTV that the film is in the budgeting phase now, and when asked who he pictured when writing the part of Marcus Fenix, he said Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.“Normally when I write, I think about the actor I’m writing for, but this one’s been difficult,” said Morgan. […]

12 years ago

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  • Bleszinski wants "Clive Owen type" as Marcus in Gears movie

    The Gears of War movie isn’t going to be some cheap thing full of cheese and muscle. No sir. It’s going to have people that can “actually act,” according to game dev lead and film producer Cliff Bleszinski.“Definitely not a wrestler,” he said when asked by IGN who he’s going to get to play the […]

    13 years ago